Monday, May 23, 2005

Kitchener Stitch Made Easy!!

Well, I got your attention, didn't I? heheh...

Here's my helper for today's post...

See? He's feeling so much better he's helping mom at the computer!

So today's post is about how I make kitchener stitch, if not *easy*, at least easier!

Now what on earth is this? A wooden light bulb? A marital aid? nah...


I do the kitchener stitch in the usual manner but I never worry about the tension of my stitches while I'm making them. That's where the darning egg comes in.

I slip my freshly off the needles, kitchenered toe over my darning egg...loosely tensioned stitches and all.

Now, the stitches are taught against the darning egg and oh so much easier to see!! I tighten them up stitch by stitch, using the end of my sewing needle.

Et Voila!!

It may not be the cure for cancer but it certainly makes it much easier for me to do the dreaded kitchener stitch!!
And here are the finished socks.

Now Pumpkin says.....

Whew, I'm exhausted!!

Have a wonderful week full of knitting!!


Knittykim said...

ahh..the finished socks. Quite nice. Looks better on the web than on the slightly dirty table at Borders.

What color will you use for KIP on the 11th?? We MUST know!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, love the cat and the darning egg isn't bad either. I hope it wasn't a big bus your cat ran into, I know, I know you've heard it before. But really he/she (?) is too cute.

ada said...

Ah just love Pumpkin..he is such a good helper!!

And that darning egg looks fabulous. I'll have to let DH see this picture and let him make me one.

Anonymous said...




racheletib said...

Wow, "a marital aid?" almost made me spew coffee all over my laptop!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lesson. Glad Pumpkin is feeling better!

margene said...

You're on my Bloglines and I saw this earlier but decided to not comment. You think it's easy just because you have that beautiful egg. I want an egg darner like that but I WILL NOT kitchener. Sadly, I am very kichener challenged. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

wow pumpkin is well......cute isn't the word i'm looking for but he's ummmmm. he looks really adorible.(even though it looks like he ran in to a wall) V.V i know thats the way the cat's breed looks but still.... well he's really cute!!^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Pumpkin is better! Max lays on his back just like Pumpkin. Too Cute.

Anonymous said...

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