Saturday, September 22, 2007

After the party's over....

So another birthday's come and gone...good thing I'm perpetually 29! :)

Thank you one and all for all the wonderful birthday wishes, between here and Ravelry I've never gotten so many "happy birthdays" in my life!

But enough rambling on and on, I know what y'all *really* want...the answer to the mystery of the universe, just how many OPI lacquers does obsessive FKD have?

Well first, here are the birthday knails holding the current SIP, 'Vog On...

Virgin Island Velvet...and to the commenter(s) who asked, if you keep the caps on tightly and store the OPI in a cool, dark place (my closet, my dresser) they can last a LONG time. I have some that are well over 5 years old, maybe closer to 10! (Virgin Island Velvet being one!) and they are just like the day I opened them. Gotta love the OPI huh?

Isn't that a festive birthday color even tho I trimmed my knails a bit?

So now that you know I've been collecting OPI for more than 10 years, you know how some of your weenie guesses just cracked me right up, heh!

Now for some more birthday eye candy, here's a bouquet from the FK Mom...

Isn't she the best Mom?

Now where was I? Oh yes....birthday contest!!

OK, enough teasing...the total mumber of OPI lacquers I posess is....


That means if I was so inclined I could change my polish every week (I'm not) and have no repeats for FIVE YEARS!!

And the winners of the contest...the guess that came closest with their FIRST guesses was TRISH with 243 and the runner up was MEL with 275.

So ladies if you will email me with your addresses, and Trish you get to decide which gift you prefer, I'll get your FKD birthday gifts right off to you!

Now wasn't that fun? Thanks for playing, everyone!

There's been precious little actual knitting content here lately cause I am still slogging thru the Esprit tank but I am just about at the armscythe for the back so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I so want to finish this thing, I won't even *allow* myself to knit on my socks until I do, which is making me a bit nuts, I admit!

I did get a little respite from the tank tho...I signed up for Dish Rag Tag a couple of months ago and despite the fact that I think my team is in last place, I finally got the box! Here's what I got from my upstream tagger...

Of course Mr. Nosey had to check every thing out! Thank you Karen, Pumpkin and I love our surprises and my dishy new dishrag! :)

I'm the last stop for my team so I get to send a dishrag to Emily, the coordinator of DRT. I wanted something different so here's my welcome respite from the Esprit tank...

Say what you will about "warshrag" knitting, but I think they are a fun way to try out different stitch patterns and they make splendid, extra soft and soapy washcloths!

So it's back to the albatross Esprit tank for me, and birthday week is almost over :::sigh:::

I hope to have a finished tank soon and then I promise to lay off the giant projects for a while cause they sure make for boring blogging! (btw, the tank is actually a gift but it's a secret, don't tell, k?)

I'll leave you with another lucky gift recipient and it wasn't even his birthday....

I decided the the P-Man needed a bed of his very own** so I got him one made for up to a 75 pound dog!! (He's about SEVEN pounds) He LOVES it...see?

Granted, it's a bit roomy but I can't get him out of it! I think he looks so cute kinda swimming in the thing :)

I'll share a couple of my most favorite birthday gifts with y'all next time and hopefully have a finished tank too! Til then, have fun and knit lots!

** he's rejected a kitty pi and his previous preferred place of slumber was in my closet on my shoes! Crazy kitty man!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yes, the big day is here! So if you haven't made a guess (or wished me a happy birthday) you have til midnight to do so and maybe win those yummy prizes -- Good Luck!!

PS - No one has guessed yet :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Let the celebration begin and other random stuff

As I've said many times, I try to keep FKD about the strings and sticks but occasionally there is a subject which isn't about the knitting that reminds me why I'm glad I have my blog where I CAN have my say even if it has nothing to do with here's something that I feel compelled to discuss...

This may be a sad performance, this may be a poor wardrobe choice, this may be a cry for help, this may even be a whole lot of crazy but.....


I fear for the message the media continues to send to healthy sized, impressionable young girls who look at this and think, "If she's fat, I'm a whale!!!" Is it any wonder eating disorders are so prevalent? /end rant.


Kristi, designer extraordinaire of Fiber Fool fame recently wrote an interesting post about color and how we choose color in our knitting lives. She's even developed a color meme. Here's mine...

1. What is your current favorite color? Green and orange to look at, pink to wear

2. Had your favorite color changed over the years? Orange has very dramatically leapt into my preferred spectrum where is had not been before

3. Is your current favorite color one that is currently trendy? (Do you see it in the fashion rags or on the clothes rack or in the linen aisle right now? How about 5 years ago?) Trendy schmendy - I wear what I like and what looks well on me (never brown or beige no matter how *chic*)

4. What is your favorite color combination? Black and pink or red, pink and green

5. Is that combination a popular one? (Is it use in prints you see in the stores and catalogs and magazines now? How about 5 years ago?) I don't know about popularity in stores now or 5 years ago but the black/brights combo is very popular in professional settings. There were many days in my office where every single one of us (more than 20) were wearing black and red or pink!

6. What is your favorite way of using color in your knitting? (Are you a stranded knitter? Do you prefer simple stripes? Do you prefer just accents at the hems/collars?) I haven't done stranded knitting since I moved to Florida - too hot! I love knitting with rich, bright saturated color and not just for socks! I'm not really big on stripes but once in a while they are fine - I usually prefer a more muted variegation tho. I think color accents in small touches on a knitted item look very sharp without being garish or gaudy

7. What colors look good on you? Any pink, any blue or any gray except the darkest values of each. I had my colors analyzed back in the early 90's and those colors became my mantra - and they work really well for me!

8. What colors look bad on you? Green, brown, beige

9. Do you wear colors that don’t look good on you just because you like them? Very, very rarely and only if they are not close to my face - people ask if I'm feeling sick when I wear colors I shouldn't :)

10. What is your favorite neutral color? black/white/ivory/tan/brown/gray – if brown or gray do you prefer cool or warm versions of those or does it matter? And, how dark? Black or gray - Not too dark on the gray - flannel, not charcoal

11. Is there a sweater pattern that uses more than one color that you’d like to make, but you wish to change the colors from what is published? If yes, which one? What do you not like about the published colors? Living in Florida and having most of my knitting recipients living in warmer climates I don't even think about knitting something like Oregon by Alice Starmore or a Dale of Norway sweater but if I did, I think there are enough patterns like those around that I could find a color palette that pleased me. If not, I wouldn't hesitate to change the colors.

Feel free to yoink this meme and post it on your blog (with a link back to Kristi!) cause I for one, am very interested to hear the color perspective of my blogging buds!

Now for the really important stuff...THE BIRTHDAY CONTEST!!!!!

Next Tuesday is my birthday so of course that means it's a perfect time for ME to give YOU, my faithful and supportive readers, a gift!!

As y'all have come to know, I have a bit of a *thing* when it comes to Knails! In fact, my OPI stash rivals my yarn stash....hey, I wonder if OPI will do "The Fiber Collection" - knitting themed colors!? Ok, I digress...

Anyway, I have 2 lovely prizes to give away...

A sock yarn grab bag with Lorna's Laces, Mountain Colors, Opal, Sockotta, ect.

And a shawl kit from Blackberry Ridge, The Legend of the Shetland Seas Stole.

Here's a close up of the lovely yarn - you could even dye it if you choose!

So how do you win one of these lovely prizes? Simple! Just guess the number of OPI Knail Lacquers I currently possess!! Easy Peasy!

Wish me a happy birthday and leave your best guess in the comments between now and midnight September 18th and you'll be eligible for one of these yummy prizes! I'll pick the two winners closet to the actual number and one closest will have their choice of sock yarn or stole! YAY, I love birthdays!! :)

Here's the P-Man primping for the upcoming festivities...

He says, "Good luck everyone and happy birthday Mom!!"

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I don't 'poo, do you?

Got your attention, didn't I? :)

Yes, it's true but not in the way you think...

Thanks to Wendy, via Sandy I've gone shamPOO free!!

For the last few months Wendy has mentioned going 'poo free and how nice it was making her hair...I was intrigued! You see, since my hair is just shy of waist length and I have the MOST sensitive skin on the planet the thought of adding less chemicals to the equation sounded like a good thing so I went here to check it out!

No chemicals? No unnecessary foam? Gorgeous hair? I dunno, sounded too good to be true, plus it was pretty spendy!* I didn't want yet another disappointing product gathering dust in my linen closet. What sold me? Well, if skeptical L-B can do without the 'poo, so can I! :) Plus she has longer hair like me!

It's an odd feeling, not to have a head full of foam but my hair is GORGEOUS! Smooth, no frizz (remember I live in the humidity capitol of America!) super soft and silky and SHINY! Plus it did not irritate my skin at all! (Most shampoos do!)

By popular request, ETA.....

MY HAIR!! :)

I used the Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner and used 18 pumps (I am using less each time til I find what is right for me!) The only complaint? I *hate* the smells musty and old to me, not fresh like I hoped it would. I also bought the Tea Tree and I love that smell so I plan to alternate with every washing.

I heartily recommend these products, especially if you have sensitive skin issues. I got mine here and I'm really happy I did! Thanks L-B, Wendy, Sandy and Chaz :)

** It's not spendy if it works and doesn't make my scalp bleed! Plus it's a bit cheaper on QVC than from Chaz Dean directly.

On to the knitting! After all this is FluffyKnitterDeb, not FluffyShoweringDeb! (there's your scary visual for the week, heh!)

First we have...wait for it...PINK SOCKS....

Here's the finished "Everybody into the Pool" socks...

Aren't they great? They are just so juicy! I actually took this pic in my bathroom because it was the only place I could photograph even close to the true color including inside under an Ott light and's really a deep, saturated hot pink rather than a purple. This pic isn't perfect but very close - I love 'em!


Tausendschon Sockenwolle, colorway Schlangengift (I tried to translate this and it kept coming up as queue poison, wtf? My kind reader Batty set me straight, it means Snake Poison! How cool is that?) I really like this yarn, it's so soft and nice to knit with!

Size #0 (2.0 mm) 32" circular needle, magic loop

Just simple stockinette and a yo short row heel with the yarn doing all the talking...I love em and I'm sure my niece will too!

Next up, new socks in....wait for it.....BLUE....

I was trying to get out of my green knitting rut and now I'm firmly ensconced in a pink and blue rut :::sigh::: maybe I need some brown and yellow yarn? ( j/k!!)

Here's a new footie I started for Mom

Toe up 'Vog On socks from Knitty in Panda Cotton, colorway Blueberries and Grapes.
I LOVE this colorway, the combo of blues and purples is very striking. Panda Cotton is one of my favorite sock yarns! It's so soft and squishy (ok, and a little splitty, just pay attention!) I just love the sproing it has too!

The pattern is very cool too but I'm not gonna do the picot bind off. It's just a bit too "cutesie" for the FKMom so I'll finish with a tubular bind off.

I got a lovely present in the mail, look....

why yes, it's some new knails too. OPI brights, "Do you need Sunglasses?" :)

It's another beautiful darning egg!! My very talented wood crafter friend Phil of Custom Wood Design sent it to me, isn't it lovely?

I use my darning eggs all the time, for grafting sock toes but it's also very handy for making any knitted fabric more visible for weaving in ends. Go pay Phil a visit and get yourself something lovely too! (he has breathtaking niddy noddies, spindles, wip tools and nostipinde too!)

ETA: If you go to Phil's website, ignore the "SOLD" signs. If there is something you especially like, Phil will make it for you as long as the wood is available - just email him to discuss it.

Speaking of presents, next week is the FKD birthday once again! So what does that mean to you? Why, it's time for a groovy contest of course! Yeah, I know it's weird to give presents away on MY birthday but I march to a different drummer like that :)

So the P-Man is chillaxin' this week, see?

Don't ya just love the little crossed feet? :)

He's says to come back soon for birthday festivities! Til then he hopes you can chillax some too! Have fun!