Saturday, May 07, 2005

Festival Envy and New Gadgets!

Never having been to any sort of fiber festival, I suppose I'm not really *bitter* because I don't really know what I'm missing......but when I read about the anticipation on many knitting blogs, I do really wish I was there! The camaraderie of the knitting community never ceases to amaze me and to be at the festival and meet, in person, all the authors of the many, many words of wisdom, comfort and friendship that I've shared over the last 2 years does leave me with a twinge of envy. The cute sheep and the lovely yarn would just be icing on the cake! So have fun, knit buds and take lots of pics to share for those of us left to hold down the fort!

Now I may not be at MDS&W but I do have these:

FOUR of the highly prized PINK Chibi needle holders!!!! Quite envy worthy, wouldn't you say? :)

New Knitting Gadgets!!

LOOK!! Stitch markers on steroids!!
These are some of my favorite knit "gadgets". They are "Locking Ring Markers" and are made by Clover.

I use the little ones all the mark inches, decreases/increases, midpoints for accurate measurement, ect. but my favorite use is as stitch holders! I use them to hold my toe stitches in socks when I do a 3 needle bind off instead of kitchener stitch because I have to take the stitches off the needles and turn the sock inside out. I also use them to hold my raglan sleeve stitches awaiting joining for the neck -- they are great because they are washable!! I can wash/block my sleeves prior to seaming but don't have to worry about the stitch holders rusting! Imagine my excitement when I found these giant ones! They are new from Clover, made for use with larger needles, up to size 35 I think!! I got mine at and they are great for all the same uses as the small ones but they hold more stitches :)

One more pic to close with....close up of Pumpkin with his cone! He's missing MDS&W too, can't you tell?


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm first!
Happy House Bound Day!
Snuggles to Pumpkin: he is the cutest. (poor little guy)
Ilove stitch markers of all persuasions, but I just discovered the clover ones this year (aint' that funny)
julia fc

Knittykim said...

having Chibi envy?? Has Pumpkin been released from the plastic yet?? Hope he is fully healed soon.

Tit for Tat: I will let you in on a secret. I have a blog but didn't tell anyone about it. Since you have one, I polished up mine and did some current posting. E-mail me and I will give you the address. Just be gentle...

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Pumpkin's face it just makes me giggle. He's SO cute. I myself only have 1 of the pink chibis. I think I should go out and buy a green one too, just in case those TOO are discontinued.

Also, I wanted to say that Debi, you rock! I am so glad to hear that yet another lady kicked cancer's ass! And yes you can still contribute:

La's: pID=232348

Jen's: pID=264525

Amelia said...

I am with you on the locking stitch markers. I also use them to mark every 20 rows or so whe I am knitting just in csae I lose track of where I am in my pattern. The great thing is you can add them on and take them off when you fancy. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, poor Pumpkin. Give him a big big cuddle from me.
Glover knitting things are just the best. Wish I could get them here.

Cheryl:) said...

Wow 4 could make some yarn money easy on ebay!

Kellie said...

You are the Chibi master. All hail Her Chibiness! :)

I love the huge locking stitch markers. I have the small ones, now I shall have to go in search of the larger ones.

I hope that your Pumkin will be better soon!

Anonymous said...

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