Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just couldn't wait for Mother's Day....

So I gifted FKMom with her new Lace and Ribs Tee last night!!

Isn't it a perfect fit and doesn't she look bee-yoo-tee-full in it?


Dontcha just love it when handknits come out *exactly* as planned, look fabulous and are super appreciated? :)

ETA: To all those that have asked, yes the sampler is also *my* handiwork!
I used to cross stitch all the time BK (before knitting, hehe) If you click on the pic to embiggen, you'll see my name on the sampler! Thanks for the extra compliments :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will Wonders Never Cease?

What wonder you ask?

Well here at Chez Blog de Fluffy, there is actually KNITTING to share....AND it's NOT SOCKS :)

(of course socks will always be near and dear to my ♥ and there are a few of those to share but that's for a *future* post - hey! there's another "wonder" - plans for a future post for uber lax blogger, FKD, hehe)

Anyways, yep it's true - finally a garment makes it's debut....

I give you the beautiful and lovely Lace and Ribs Tee!!

A close up of her pretty lace stitches

Her delicate picot edged neckline

Her lacy sleeves

The front, back and eleventy million pins/blocking wires (the #1 reason I knit SO MANY SOCKS.....minimal blocking, no pins and no contortions to get em to look pretty!)

And the money shot.....

Isn't she a beauty?


Cast on: January 1, 2009

Completed: April 4, 2009

Lace and Ribs Tee by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Ravelry Link)

Yarn: 7 Skeins Schachenmayr Micro, color #73, Spring Green

Needles: Addi Turbo US #2 and #4

Notes/Mods: I have to say that this was hands down the most well written pattern I've EVER used! Jackie is so talented and professional every single step was spelled out and easy to follow without being fussy or overwritten!

The yarn is a silky, knits like buttah sportweight microfiber with fabulous stitch definition that just flowed across my needles. I think it will be cool and comfy to wear even here in Hot as Hades Florida.

My only mods were minimal - I did a "standard" picot edge for the neckline rather than the 2 row, sewn down picot the pattern called for (I picked up the purl bumps and knit my picot together to form the hem rather than sewing it)

I had to go down 1 needle size as the yarn acted like cotton (altho was MUCH easier on the wrists and had much more memory!)
I also preferred the fabric with a smaller needle so I knit at a slightly tighter gauge and went with the 47" size to obtain a finished measurement of 44".

Because I used a microfiber rather than a natural fiber I was afraid (needlessly!) that the tee wouldn't block well so I crocheted the side seams and to set in the sleeve caps rather than mattress stitch them so the seams would have lots of stretch for blocking.

All in all I LOVED knitting this Tee and LOVE the finished product! If I loved it so much, what took me so long to knit it you ask? Well, I merrily cast on *thinking* I had 10 skeins when in truth, I *only* had SEVEN! I was so worried I would run out of yarn despite many calculations that I figured if I let it marinate for a while the yarn would magically multiply and all would be well, hehe....I worried for nothing and have about 1/2 of a skein left :)

I think the FK Mom is gonna LOVE her new Tee, at least I hope so! It's just her style and color so I'll follow up with some modeled shots in May after it's gifted in May.

I'll be casting on another sweater shortly (try not to faint!) as a special friend has a special birthday this year and she's allowed me the honor of knitting "her dream sweater" to celebrate what she means to me :)

Plus there will always be socks!

I leave you with this adorable pic of the P-Man who's equally shocked to not see the socks :)

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Long and winding road...

Thanks for giving the P-Man such a warm reception after such a lengthy absence...boy time does fly when all you do is eat, sleep, chase the occasional catnip mouse, sit on sunny window sills and look amazingly cute :)

So while we wait for the Lace and Rib Tee to make it's debut I thought I would share a little long overdue, triumphant story with my long suffering standing readers at Chez FKD...

For the last three years I've had an ongoing battle with the evil Gateway to make good on the POS (piece of shit) computer that cost me major bucks and was nothing but a lemon from the minute it came out of the box...

To whit, in 3 years time the thing had nine hard drives, four mother boards, 4 processors, 4 video cards and the memory replaced 5 I had no less than 10 "experts" come to my home to try and remedy the problems (I purchased the in home/total replacement insurance plan) with other assorted remedies and doodads.

And the computer would work wonderfully for a few months and then bite the dust once again.

Luckily throughout all this I had a back up....My first laptop, purchased in 2000 when Gateway was still a reputable company with with quality product. I LOVED my Solo 9300 and never ceased to be amazed by the fact that a NINE YEAR OLD COMPUTER not only worked like a dream but with a wi-fi card became a WIRELESS LAPTOP. Imagine Gateway back then was so forward thinking that I could go wireless with a laptop that was built when wireless wasn't even a gleam in Bill Gate's eye, hehehe...

Well unfortunately, my well loved and well used Solo 9300 met her demise back in January :( I still miss her.

And my jury-rigged POS Gateway was still limping along. I could see the writing on the wall (finally!) and even tho my POS Gateway was under warranty until January 2010 I was tired of the fight....

Yes, I kept writing my letters to the CEO but knew in my heart of hearts it was time to let go, move on and buy a new and reliable computer. As a side note, in the interim, Gateway was purchased by Acer and no longer does ANY retail sales. Personally, I think that is a commentary on our present economic state....a reputable company sold out for the $$ and quality went out the window but that's for a whole different post/rant/blog ;)

So I started looking around but I was worried I would have to make a purchase "under pressure" because my POS Gateway was so unreliable...but that's a major purchase that I didn't want to make under duress. Then two really incredible things happened....

The first was I discovered the Netbook! It's like a Blackberry on steroids and is just the cutest little computer EVER! I figured I needed a back up just in case my POS gave up the ghost and at least I could maintain Net access with minimal $$ outlay (and maximal cuteness) and always use it for storage and total portability while I leisurely searched for my perfect new "main" computer! For those not familiar with a Netbook, it's a mini-computer with all the bells and whistles of a bigger computer except an optical drive (no CD/DVD player - but you can buy an external one, I did!) plus it runs on WINDOWS XP!! :)

I researched them thoroughly and went with the MSI Wind 120. It has a crystal clear 10 inch screen, an ergonomic keyboard (the largest on the market - gotta save those wrists for knitting!) a 160 Gig HD and it is fast as the wind...I ♥ my lil mini!

Then amazing occurrence #2...Gateway FINALLY came thru and sent me a brand new computer!!!! YAY!!!! It's a 16 inch screen media center, 320 gig HD, and it works like a charm....and the operating system is Vista which I heard all sorts of horror stories about but guess what....I LOVE IT! So after much ado (and anguish and persistence) I give you: Esperanza ( Hope in Spanish, heh ) and Adam.....

Now I realize Esperanza is STILL a Gateway so I'm saving my $$ and looking around and mostly waiting til Windows 7 is released so I can decide if I want a window based OS or go with a Mac Book...but for now, life is sweet :)

Even the P-Man is calm and relaxed, see?

Be back soon with the Lace to play with my lovely computers! :)