Saturday, October 25, 2008

So many socks!!

Anyone who knows me even a little, knows I am a pretty monogamous knitter.

For me it's one "big" project and one smaller/portable project, usually socks. Any more than that and I get nervous and jerky - I'm just not a knitter who does well with multiple WIP's.

Since the Vest from Hades has been my "big" project since February (February!!! GAH that makes me shudder just to put in writing how long it took me to force myself to finally finish the heinous beast!) I've knit a lot of socks :)

I'm also almost finished with the Fugly Sock Yarn Blanket of Doom v2 but I'll save that for another post.

I've been holding out on my FKD fans and have not shown you all the socks cropping up around Chez Blog de Fluffy so I made y'all a little mosaic.....

1. Quilted Lava Socks, 2. SKA July Mystery Sock, 3. Little Pumpkin Socks,
Cheetos Redux, 5. Fluffy Fowards, 6. Blue Komets

All the Deets are here on my Rav project page if you're interested.

These were a fun group of socks.....the upper middle ones were a Microgauge Mystery Sock designed by Rebecca Hatcher for the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group. The microgauge (10 or more stitches per inch) almost killed my wrists but they have the coolest toe up heel construction ever! Plus they were a truly gorgeous sock!

The socks in the upper right corner were a prize I donated for Claudia's MS Ride last spring. Imagine my freak out chagrin when I found out said prize winner was none other than prolific sock designer, Anne Hanson! But I did my best and I think she really liked them cause she gave them a rave review!

Speaking of mosaics and Mystery socks....(smooth segue, huh?) you may not know that along with SKA's monthly technique and designer challenges (as well as being the fouth largest group on Ravelry!!) every other month we have a Mystery Sock that reflects the technique of that month's challenge.

November's challenge will be mosiac/slip stitch knitting and the Mystery Sock is being designed by an eager yet humble (and terrified!) designer....ME!!

I'm always encouraging the members to challenge themselves and grow as knitter's and I figured I needed to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. So despite never having ever knit a mosaic pattern, I designed one :)

i'm too thin skinned to be "a designer" but I am very proud of the pattern. It's a clean, classic design that in the right colors, could be for a woman or a man. Plus I had a really cool test knitter who gave the pattern two thumbs up! So if you want more info or care to join us :::quiver::: the more the merrier!

The P-Man says peek on in, you'll have a good time! See ya there!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't hate her because she's beautiful!

Last Thursday was FK Mom's birthday so y'all know what that means.......

The vest from Hades Mom's Vest was gifted!!!

Despite being a very reluctant supermodel (hence the bare half smile despite my hijinks to make her strike a pose, hehe) here's the money shot:

Doesn't she look dishy? It's a perfect fit, just the length she wanted, the cute little Star Trek cap sleeves she requested AND SHE LOVES IT!!

I know it's hard to see from the pic but the buttons I went with are these:

And I think they look beautiful! As usual, the P-Man contributed his honking big white hair that is in every pic despite close FKD scrutiny :::sigh:::

Because the pattern was completely heinous to knit, again there will be no linkage. If you're just dying to know, the info is on my Rav page.

This was a total surprise for Mom and I guesstimated her specs so I'm really happy to be done with this albatross with the fit and I'm so glad she loves it!

Happy Birthday Beautiful FK MOM! :)