Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's Time For the FKD Annual Post!!

Hi there!

Remember me, I used to blog a loooooong time ago :)

Things are pretty much SSDD here at Casa de FluffyKnitterDeb - still knitting, mostly socks, and still administering Sock Knitters Anonymous over on Ravelry and with over THIRTEEN THOUSAND MEMBERS (we're the fourth largest group on Ravelry!) it's like a full time job!

I just thought I'd pop in and say hi because I do miss all my blog friends and I KNOW y'all miss the handsomest kitty on the Net!

So once again, I bring you my friend Tina's feet wearing her latest "Christmas in February Socks".

The pattern is called Chuncho and it's a super fun knit! As you may notice, I've discovered colorwork since we last visited! Imagine, this Florida girl can't get enough of that colorwork stuff - who woulda thought THAT would ever happen! Here's an off the hoof pic:

Of course even if it's only once a year, a FKD post wouldn't be complete without a little kitty beefcake!

The P-Man has a birthday next week - he'll be 7 on July 10th, doesn't time fly!

Come on over to SKA and say hello cause I miss y'all!

See ya next July! :)