Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm keeping that promise....

I promised I'd return when the vest from hell was finished so I buckled down and gotter done :)

Here she is blocking after a nice bath.....

(click to embiggen as always)

It is a beautiful vest when all is said and done and just what Mom requested. Plus the color is so yummy...she saw me knitting some socks with the same colorway of Louet Gems fingering so I used the sportweight for her vest.

Thanks to tons of redneck engineering I have a finished product I love and that I know Mom will adore but honestly, I made so many mods because of the truly godawful pattern I'm not even gonna link it :(

Now for the fun me choose some buttons!!

Here are the choices:

Despite appearing slightly golden or bronze on my monitor, the center 3 are all silver.

The one on the right is vintage Czech glass, a light steel blue color with dark blue/teal accents

Lastly, the one on the left is also vintage, clear plastic with an iridescent coating.

So choose the button you like best cause I love them all and can't decide!

I asked this guy what he thought.....

But he just voted for chicken!

Can't wait to hear what y'all think!