Monday, July 05, 2010

Hi there, remember me?

Gah! It's been so long since I blogged I don't even know how to use Blogger anymore! :)

So I'm still alive and kicking knitting but despite losing my blogging mojo I do still miss all my blog friends!

Ravelry keeps me really busy - the group I administer, Sock Knitters Anonymous, is the third largest group on Rav and has almost 11,000 members!! Wowser!

Anyway since y'all have been staring at my friend Tina's feet in her orange Annetrelac socks for EXACTLY a year, I figured it was time to at least show you her feet in a new pair of socks (direct from Germany!)

Aren't they pretty?

While I haven't been blogging, I have kept my sidebar with my yearly projects up to date so even if you aren't on Ravelry (and WHY NOT????) you can still see what I've been knitting and of course my tutorials will ALWAYS be around as long as blogger is.

I can't promise I'll start blogging again but I'll try to stop in an say hi every now and then.....

And of course this lil guy is as studly as ever! He's gonna be SIX next week, kinda hard to believe how time flies!

Come on over to SKA and say HI now and then....

See ya!!