Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time to tie up the loose ends,...

Now that 2009 has arrived I have a few loose ends to weave into 2008 :) Just a couple of FO's I never shared but are definitely share worthy! First up, Basket Check Socks:


This was such a fun sock to knit!

The pattern is from The Little Box Of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott

To an experienced sock knitter like me I didn't think these "simple" patterns would have a place in my sock library but the patterns are lovely, fun, interesting and like eating potato chips, you can't stop at knitting just one!

This was also my first experience with Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes sock yarn - total LOVE!!

This yarn is so soft and the colors so vibrant! This colorway is called Vintage Kitchen - who couldn't love a colorway named after Fiestaware and avocado appliances? Hehe...

Complete info and deets here.

Next up more socks....shocking, innit?

One of the Sockdown! October challenges for my Sock Knitters Anonymous group was a designer named Stephanie van de Linden.

Steffi is a very talented and prolific designer so choosing which sock to knit was really hard but anyone who's visited Chez FKD knows we loves us some beaded knitting around here so of course we chose the pattern with some pretty beadwork!

I give you Glamour Socks.....

Aren't these lovely?

The yarn is the much missed Cider Moon Blizzard in the Banana Cabana colorway.

These were a gift for my doctor who is Indian so I thought the much maligned yellow would look gorgeous with her dark skin and hair.....nevermind the fact that in the 2 years she's been my doc I've only ever seen her wear khaki slacks, black loafers and a black button down shirt! When I gave them to her I told her it was time she got a little color in her life and boy did she!

Complete info and deets here.

And thus ends the knitting for 2008.

Now to ring in the new -- the first FO of 2009!

Allow me to introduce you to my Ready for Spring Firestarters!

Marjan, aka Yarnissima was the SKA featured designer for December.

I've had these beautiful socks on my "To Do" list for forever and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge!

The yarn is Yarn Pirate Bamboo/Merino/Nylon - it is a pure delight to knit with and the color just shimmers and glows!

The sock design is so unique, and while I admit I had a few hair raising moments I really enjoyed every single stitch and am completely in love with the finished object!

Complete info and deets here.

Now I have, as promised, cast on a "big project" but I'll save that for next's not one of the choices I listed in my last post but it's a real winner so far! (and in fact I will be knitting Eastlake in the near future too!)

I do want to leave you with one more thing I love before I end this novel of a post (compared to my recent proclivity here at Chez FKD, hehehe)

I want to share my latest favorite thing...

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I've been troubled by the carbon footprint the use of disposable water bottles causes to our one and only Planet Earth so I've searched and searched for something that was reusable, HEALTHY (no PVC, or leaching of chemicals) durable, practical and KEPT MY WATER DRINKABLE ie: not bathwater warm, YUCK!!

Well let me say that my ThinkSport bottle is THE ONE! This thing costs about $20, is indestructible and I have left it for TWENTY FOUR HOURS and still the water inside was cold and refreshing!! I can't sing the praises of this product highly enough!

Give yourself (and your planet!) a healthy 2009 present and go get yourself one!

Ever the P-Man agrees...

See ya!