Monday, June 30, 2008

Eye Candy Monday

A couple of weeks back when discussing my blogging ennui I mentioned subjecting y'all to yet another sock and you (wonderful, supportive!) guys all seemed never to tire of the endless sock parade here at Chez FKD :)

I haven't finished Mom's vest yet but soon I hope, altho I've kinda forgotten what it's like to knit on needles larger than a US #1,, I'm almost finished with a Fugly Sock Yarn Blanket of Doom v2 that I started on June 18 - yeah, I'm a crocheting maniac these days, hehe!

So anyway here's a collage of four pairs of socks I never posted about, hope you like em!

All specs and pattern info HERE (Ravelry link)

Thanks for all the compliments on my Crystals, 'Combs and Cables socks, I hope y'all enjoy knitting them....and have a great week!

Ok, ok...I didn't forget what y'all really want to see....

Who loves ya, baby?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Present for my Readers Saturday :)

My latest sock pattern for anyone that wants it!

Meet my new Crystals, 'Combs and Cables Socks....

Crystals for the beads, ‘Combs because the medallions remind me of lacy honeycombs and Cables are for the flowing braided twists.

Beaded Cuff Close Up


Magic Loop 32' nickel circ, US#1 (2.25mm)
Fleece Artist Merino, Seafoam colorway
steel crochet hook for beading size 12 (1.0mm)
approx. 200 amethyst AB 8/0 seed beads
Beaded Garter Stitch cuff and Garter stitch short row heel with my own mini flap and gusset
Cabled without a cable needle

More pics and info plus free pattern HERE (Ravelry link)

And for those that aren't on Ravelry...why not? :)

J/K, HERE'S a link to the file (plus it's on my sidebar>>)

And you thought I didn't love you guys any more.....Enjoy!

The P-Man told me to say he still loves ya too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wanna see some real eye candy?

And make a real difference?

My blog friend Kristi
has designed the most beautiful and meaningful sock and I thought y'all would love the story behind it is quite amazing. Bring a tissue!

Guided by Love Sock
(Ravelry Link)

100% of the sale will go to this very worthy cause so have a look and maybe purchase a great sock pattern that can make a real difference!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eye Candy Sunday

This is Sammy, my 4 year old nephew...He flew in from California yesterday so he could participate in World Wide Knit in Public Day and the Socknitters Anonymous First Annual WWKIP Day Sock Scavenger Hunt

Ok, he really flew in with the rest of the Cali FluffyKnitterFamily to celebrate Father's Day but it's never to early to pique a future knitter's interest, right? :)

Hope everyone had a great KIP day and Happy Father's Day everyone !!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Eye Candy Sunday

A girl's gotta do something with all that leftover sock yarn :)

Specs and info on Ravelry HERE