Friday, March 17, 2006

When all else fails, Meme!

Whenever I visit a friend's house for the first time, I try to bring a little something that says "thanks for having me over, friend" to show my appreciation.
In the blog world, the comments we leave are our gifts that say thanks for entertaining me and allowing me to share a bit of your world!

Now I won't get off on much of a rant about how sad it makes me that I get 300 visitors some days and *only* six comments
because I can only speak for myself. I REALLY try to leave a comment on every blog I visit over the course of a week however AOL has other ideas! Haloscan, Typepad, even Blogger wont let me comment on some blogs so this is my way of saying a general "thanks for having me, I love reading your blog and would comment if I could!" to all the truly wonderful bloggers out there who enrich my life in so many ways!

Now would it KILL ya to comment? :)

On to the knitting content.....the pickin's are pretty slim as far as interesting pics go cause......

My Diamond Fantasy Shawl looks the same. I'm
on pattern repeat 8 of 10 but the rows are loooong now so progress is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

My Carnival Afghan medallions look the same. I have 18 medallions now but I've decided I need 100 because I want to cover my queen size bed!! I'm gonna be making those medallions for quite a while, good thing I'm loving the crochet! But again, once you've seen a medallion, you've seen em all.

I have made pic worthy progress on the Embossed Leaves socks, see?

I actually think this may be my favorite sock EVER!! The pattern is well written and easy to memorize, goes really fast, looks super sharp and this koigu is just so delicious! The color is so hard to's got rust, apricot, gold, olive green and it makes me happy just to look at it! I've actually already turned the heel of the second sock so I'll have a finished pair very soon altho I do plan to make these beautiful socks again!

I've also completed some blue squares to Comfort Jef because Christine is such a good sister and she's hard at work making a beautiful blue afghan for her brother Jef. Pumpkin sends his seal of approval and lots of kitty comfort Jef!

Not much in the way of knitting so I'll share this meme I stole from Kim

A-Age: 39 (and holding, hehe)
B-Bed size: Queen
C-Chore you hate: IRONING!!
D-Dessert you love: Key Lime Pie. anything by either Ben or Jerry, hehe
E-Essential start your day item: Diet Coke!!!
F-Favorite actor(s): Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Russel Crowe, Nicolas Cage
G-Gold or Silver: gold
H-Height: 5'3 (on a good day)
I-Instruments you play: kazoo :)
J-Job title: Oncology Clinical Specialist
K-Keeping track of your day: a MILLION lists!
L-Living arrangements: Just me and the P-Man
M-Mom's name: Rosalyn
N-Not liking right now: Condo's Property Management company (Miami Management SUCKS!) More importantly, the
situation in South Dakota
O-Overnight hospital stay other than birth: tonsillectomy, cholecystectomy
P-Place you were born: Hialeah, Florida
Q-Quote you like: " I drank WHAT??? - Socrates
R-Right or left handed: right
S-Siblings: 1 younger brother WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY TODAY! Happy Birthday Bro!
T-Time you woke up today: 6:39 am
U-Unique habit: If I see a coin on the ground I will only pick it up if it's heads up (tails is bad luck!)
V-Vegetable you hate: Squash
W-Worst habit: can I tell ya later? wait!! it's procrastination!!!
X-X-rays you've had: torso/internal organs, hand, foot...25 external beam treatments and a 3 day implant as well
Y-Yummy food you can make: Pasta Puttanesca
Z-Zodiac sign: Virgo

Consider yourself tagged if you feel a meme coming on too!

Have a fabulous weekend and to the *Irish* among us (or those that wish they were) Happy St. Patrick's Day!! May the road rise up to meet you and your stash be full of Koigu!


Catherine said...

I'm a terrible commenter, and that's bad because I like getting comments myself. I haven't made pasta puttanesca in years, mmmm!

Pumpkinmama said...

I'm trying to get better with my commenting. I love the sock, and my husband has the same coin picking up superstition as you!

Carole Knits said...

I completely agree with your commenting philosophy. I always try to say something after I've read a post. So, I like the meme!

Anonymous said...

We have so much in common! I'm a Virgo, I'm a tad shorter than you (5ft 1")I hate ironing, My house is called Roselyn, and I am nearly finished my first Embossed leaf sock ! Spooky or what :-)

Suzanne said...

HAHA...may your stash be full of Koigu! Nice one! Slan--

AmyP said...

The Embosed socks look great - is the pattern from IK?

Anonymous said...

I love your socks, and the whole fluffy thing, since I'm similar!

Laundry is my bane -- I actually don't mind ironing itself, just setting up the ironing board, making sure the floor is clean under it, taking it all down again -- that part sucks!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about comments - the problem is that I read about 50 blogs a day and sometimes just don't have time. Maybe I ought to cut down! But I almost always comment on yours! That Koigu sock looks just like the P-man. Is that why you love it so much? Loved the meme. I'm going to copy it and save it when I need blog fodder. For now, I've got enough from our Florida vacation to keep me in stuff for weeks.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

Trish said...

I read sooo many blogs (when I'm supposed to be working) that if I commented on every one I'd never get any work done. I'm sorry.

The socks look great.
I'm on my way to Florida tomorrow and I'll think of you as I drive down 95.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are many of us that need to join non-commenter anonymous. I do know what you mean, though. I need to get much better at it, even if it just means saying "hi". If a blog has more than 20 or so comments I don't leave one. How can I say the same thing in a different way? I do appreciate you and your blog and I LOVE the socks. :-)

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, I'll leave a comment!'
Love your blog- I read it almost every day, love ALL of your knitting projects, and I love the P-man!

julia fc said...

I don't always have something to say. It's that simple. But it is a nice sock. And I'm totally with you on South Dakota, but you knew that already.

Jes said...

Cute meme, thanks for the giggle.

Those embossed leave socks look great. Everyone seems to really love that pattern. I think it might be moving up the knitting list ;)

Oh, and Queen size afghan out of tiny circles! You are crazy woman!

Terri said...

The socks are lovely! I have read about the Koigu, but have never used it myself. I am using Cherry Tree Hill for a pair for myself right now, and your pics inspire me, or possibly enable, either way I am always happy when I visit your site.

Pumpkin looks as if he is inspecting your progress with a diligent eye.

Sorry that I don't always comment, but I do always enjoy visiting...

Christina said...

The embossed socks are great. Pumpkin seems to be very interested in all your knitting projects!

Norah said...

Those socks are beautiful! And they match Pumpkin!

I sometimes forget to leave a comment on people's blogs. I sometimes think my comments sound lame, but I'll try to remember to leave them more often, because I like to get them on my blog.

Lorette said...

Part of my commenting problem is that I'm so far behind on reading blogs most of the time. By the time I read a post, there are a bunch of comments already, and I hate to leave a "me too" kind of comment. I think we probably all feel like we need to leave an "original" comment, when what us bloggers really love to get is a hundred "me too" comments!

Agnes said...

Your brother was born on St. Patrick's Day? Is he called Patrick? ;)
Yeah, you always leave lovely comments on my blog ... and very often offer helpful advice and opinions ... and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate that.
Wish you a wonderful SPD and weekend ... and I love the part "stash full of Koigu" ... wish you the same too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm a lurker shamed into commenting. Consider me well and properly chastised.

Your socks are pretty - your squares are great - but, really, if you want us impressed by them, you should NOT show pictures of that beautiful Pumpkin! He's adorable!

You know they say never to act with kids or animals . . .


Beth said...

So this means you're a koigu convert now?

margene said...

Must put that sock higher on my list. I'm knitting blue squares, too. Christine is kindly putting together a blanket for Vicki's Bro, Michael, too! (It's his birthday today, too.)

Wendy said...

Yep, half the time blogger just won't let me comment! I'm a good girl and type in the verification string, do everything they tell me to, and the comment still won't post.

Does that make me comment-challenged?

chris said...

May your stash be full of Koigu, too, my friend! ;-) Your Embossed Leaves sock is GORGEOUS! That colorway knitted up so beautifully- I love it! Your blue squares look wonderful, too...and they actually look like squares, LOL! Mine didn't quite turn out like the square I'd envisioned, but it's full of my love and good wishes, so hopefully that counts! ;-) I'm such a Denzel fan, too.... for his *acting* of course, yeah right! No one quite fills out a uniform the way that man does, whew!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to my fellow Virgo... take care and have a fantastic weekend, Debi! :-)

Anonymous said...

loved your meme answers. Great job on the blue squares and thanks for linking to the page. I had heard folks mention this but didn't know what it referred to.

Kisses to the P-Man

Anonymous said...

Missed you at knitting group last night!

Sheri said...

I guess I'm one of the guilty ones, reading blogs but hardly ever commenting. I love reading your blog, love seeing your beautiful work, love seeing the P-man (dang he's a cute kitty), even told my husband (he's a GC) that I needed to send him to Florida to install a new door for you when you were waiting for your door. I just never think to leave a comment - but I'll try to do better.
Thanks for a great read!
Sheri in GA

Anonymous said...

Daily reader your blog and the adventures of P-man! As to the Pasta 'bout sharing that recipe? :-) Kate/Massachusetts

Liz said...

I love the sock! YOur picture shows the color so much better than the one we looked at via phone.

Happy Saint Patricks Day my dear friend. I have my green on...Do you? :)

VickeryKnits said...

Sorry that I don't often comment...but I am inspired to make those embossed leaves socks!

Anonymous said...

You asked for it now! How are you girl? I can barely keep up anymore!! Pet P-man for me.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to steel that meme, just like I think you need to yoink our "Will it kill you to comment" button!

Oh, and I recognize that's from "Real Genius" my favorite Val movie EVER!

Norma said...

I'll have you know I tried to comment last night and blogspot comments were not working. I was commenting on the pretty squares, and today I'll comment on that GORGEOUS sock!!!

Cathy said...

Wow, you are way over 6 now! Someday maybe it will happen over at my place ;) The sock and pumpkin are gorgeous (as usual). Happy St. Patricks Day and I think I will borrow that MEME since I am having some serious blog block :) Have a great night Deb!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same as you and try to comment on the blogs I read, especially when I see something gorgeous which is all too often. There is just so much talent out there and it needs to be commented on. I'm always visiting you and see that you have over 30 comments-always. Whoa you should be proud.
Happy birthday, bro.
I love your sock-where is the pattern from?
I'm also a virgo-now I know why you have such good taste ;).

Ada said...

The blue squares are beautiful, i like how pumpkin is interested in your knitting. Love the koigu socks. P-man there's a little envelope coming your on the lookout in a week orso

Leslie said...

Ok, Deb, I will try to do better with the comments. But as has been said already sometimes it'll be just another "me too"! I do SO try to be original but sometimes this old Virgo brain in a 5'3" body just can't come up with another way of saying "I adore the P-Man!" and "your knitting is to die for". On second thought, who WOULDN'T like to read that... hmmmmm you've made me think!

Yeah, the SD situation makes me sick. Just like everything that chimp faced moron and his buddy the buckshot shooter do. In another country there would be demonstrations. Oh wait! There are demonstrations, but the bought-and-paid-for press just doesn't cover them. (Can you tell this is a whole hot button issue??)

Anyhow, May your stash be full of Koigu and I hope you put some green food coloring in P-Man's water dish.

Bets said...

Love those socks! That looks like the perfect pattern for the Socks That Rock yarn I just got in Amber.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that's one of those skeins of Koigu I'd kinda look funny at, but knitted up? Amazing! I know what you mean about comments :)

Nana Sadie said...

I, too, try to comment on most of the blogs I visit, and I enjoy visiting of my main comment items is the kitties on a blog and your Pumpkin is a truly FINE example...he's so cute! I enjoy seeing your progress (I'm doing Diamond Fantasy Shawl, too, but you're way ahead of me, as I'm also doing Highland Triangle Shawl...yes, I'm ADD...) I'm considering myself tagged by your meme, so drop by and see MY answers, and leave ME a comment!

Anonymous said...

Your sock is gorgeous!

And I don't comment much, mostly because my time to read is so limited.

Melody said...

Thanks for the laughs...I love the comment comment! And the short-row heel help was great!

Marguerite said...

Love those socks. There's some green Opal in my stash that is shouting it wants to be Embossed Leaves socks.

I've phased things that need to be ironed right out of my life. Life is too short for ironing.

Hope you don't have too much of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just in Ft. Lauderdale last weekend. I was wondering where the yarn shop was. The socks look great. I made three pair of "circus" socks. They will be posted on the blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, have been reading it for a while, didn't know not commenting was a faux paus, I wondered why the Winter 2005 IK back issue arrived at my door until I saw your socks...I wanted to make them. Wishes for continued progress on your hurricane clean up.

Flutterbee By Rowan said...

I love your site--have visited many times--used your turkish cast on--reviewed it many times--and am truely grateful for your great tutorial.

It's funny about comments--always feel like I'm invading someones space--that maybe only close friends should leave comments--- but, now that I have my own blog --I love the comments--it's like having a conversation (much more intersting) than hearing your own rambling! So from now on I'm leaving comments to let others know how much I enjoy reading about their life, knitting, yarn stash, books etc. I'm totally addicted to blogs --it's a great way to leave your own little world and get inspired, & motivated.

stop by my site and take a look at my paintings (for children) & ummm...and leave a comment!!!

L. said...

Very impressive, Deb....25 comments, wow! I would love 25 comments and I know what you mean about not getting any sometimes. I look at my blog and if there isn't at least one new one every day or so, I'm disappointed, so I try to visit my favs and usually leave a comment. Great socks and the Koigu will wear like mad! :)

Susanne said...

I love, love, love your blog and particuarly the "P" man. I just never think to post a comment when I have read your posts.
I will try and do so more in the future.
Glad that you are almost back in business aftr all the weather you put up with in your home.
take care ...from snowy Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Anonymous said...

Love your sock, Debi!
Your squares are pretty too.

I'm sorry, I've been abusing the "lurk and leave" option too much lately. More commenting, on it's way!

Hunter said...

Tigger sends purrs and bumps to P-Man.

Every single time I visit your site I almost break out the knitting needles again. One of these days you're going to get me knitting lace again.

Hugs and sunshine.

Hunter said...

I'm back to say "Hi" again and you haven't posted yet today. In keeping with my "I'll comment every time I visit," I'm leaving a comment. ;)

Darilyn and Tigger

Unknown said...

i absolutely have fun reading your blog. dont stop posting the wonderful quality data!

gw2 gold said...

Your brother was born on St. Patrick's Day? Is he called Patrick? ;)
Yeah, you always guild wars 2 gold leave lovely comments on my blog ... and very often offer helpful advice and opinions ... and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate gw2 gold that.
Wish you a wonderful SPD and weekend ... and I love the part "stash full of Koigu" ... wish you the same too!