Friday, March 10, 2006

Back to the "C" word, finished socks and more socks

Thanks for all the compliments on my tutorial and my beautiful darning egg! I really love it and it makes doing Special K MUCH easier!

A lot of you asked where I got it and I'm sorry to say I honestly don't know! I found the artisan who carved it in a Net search about 3-4 years ago. After some moves, hurricanes and computer crashes, sadly I have NO IDEA who this talented artist was!

I've googled my fingers to the bone, hehe, but I cannot find anything on the Net like this beautiful object!

My only suggestion is to look at local craft fairs or fiber festivals if you want a new one like mine (and fear using a lightbulb is an accident waiting to happen!)

You can also find vintage darning eggs in local flea markets, antique shows/shops and there are LOTS on EBay and the prices are reasonable. I even purchased one for a friend as a Christmas present from Elann, right Ada?

Darning eggs aren't mandatory for sock knitting but they sure do make things easier so I hope you all find a darning egg of your own!

Speaking of socks, here are my Lacy Scallops that I will be sending to my Sockapaloooza pal in a few months. I hope she likes them!!


Pattern: Lacy Scallops designed by
Sock Bug

Mods: I used 72 stitches as the pattern called for and got the required 8 sts/inch but my sock pal indicated that her feet are on the fluffy side so I eliminated the calf shaping the pattern suggests. I also worked more pattern repeats for the leg as my pal likes a taller sock. I subbed *my patented* yo short row with mini-flap/gusset heel.

I used
Twinkletoes yarn in an unnamed pinky-orange colorway and size #1 US (2.25 mm) Aero DPNs. I've had the yarn in stash for about a year and to be honest it was NOT as soft as I hoped altho it got much better after washing and a final rinse with some Redken conditioner :) Even tho the yarn wasn't great the colorway was glorious!! I actually contacted the artist, Mary Anne, and turned her on to Knitpicks Dye Your Own which is yummy soft because I felt her awesome talents deserved better yarn (and it's actually a few cents cheaper than the Henry's Attic yarn she had been using!) So the good news is if you want to sample some of the nicest dyeing expertise I've ever encountered paired with lovely yarn, head on over to Lotusblossom! Her superwash sock yarn is nice too!

Now for the crochet portion of today's broadcast! The additional Shine yarn for my Carnival Afghan arrived yesterday and I've already crocheted 4 more medallions for a total of ten! Here's the color scheme......

Isn't it pretty? I'm a green lover but I wanted some punch so I think the "apricot" and "sand" really work well with the greens without being dull or garish!

I love crocheting these medallions! They are so quick and cute and the Shine is so delicious!

Have no fear, I won't be going over to the "crochet side" and abandoning knitting but this sure is fun and different. Plus I'm gonna end up with the machine washable, soft, lustrous, cuddly afghan I've been seeking for a long time!

Just to reinforce that I'm still FluffyKNITTERDeb, I've cast on some new socks....The Embossed Leaves socks from the Winter 2005 issue of IK. See?

Pretty, autumnal Koigu and leaves, more of my favorite things!!

If anyone is making these or plans to, the instructions for the 1x1 rib cast-on the magazine suggests IS NOT the tubular cast-on shown in the pic in the mag!! I did the cast on 3 times as written and altho it's a nice cast on, it is NOT the stretchy cast-on the designer used for her pair! It makes a very solid, not so stretchy cast on so if you choose to use the instructions as written in the mag, I recommend going up a needle size (or 2!) for the cast on!

I also contacted the designer, Mona Schmidt, to discuss the disparity between the pic and the instruction and she sent me a link to her tutorial for the ACTUAL cast on she used!! If you want the links to the correct cast on, you can contact
Mona directly. I'm not posting the links myself because as the designer she wants to know who is knitting the socks and any difficulties you're having and the pattern is of course copywritten so I don't feel comfortable posting even part of it!

Having said ALL that, I went ahead and used my standard German Twisted Cast-On cause I liked how it looked with the twisted rib of the sock cuff best of all :)

Whew, long post today....almost no room for the blog mascot yet I know his fans need their P-Man fixes :)

Here's my guy checking out his new digs from atop Mt. Computer Desk! He loves that he can hop on all the furniture and table tops now since all the "knick knacks" are put away because of the ongoing post-Wilma restorations!

This makes him feel like the Master of the Universe I think....oh wait, he is!! :)

Thanks for letting us into your universe, happy knitting!


Agnes said...

I love love love those crocheted medallions! They are really pretty!
That autumnal Koigu is gorgeous! The socks are going to be wonderful.
::sigh:: Pumpkin!
You two have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Ada said...

The lacy scallop socks are beautiful, so are the medallions you've crocheted. It will make a gorgeous afghan!
The embossed leave socks are going to be fabulous with the autumnal koigu.
And as for darning egg..i just love mine. I couldn't live without it anymore.

chris said...

Your Lacy Scallop socks are GORGEOUS!! That colorway is stunning and I really like the longer cuff. Your sock pal is going to be thrilled! Ditto the gorgeous on your afghan medallions! I love the color combo you chose- you know I'm all for the greens and the apricot and sand give the green a nice contrasting oomph. The Koigu you're using is so beautiful- you're all about the fabulous colors today!! Thanks for the info on the cast-on and for the link to Lotusblossom... I'm hiding my credit card as I type. ;-) And as for P-Man- who could resist that face? Take care, Debi! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love The Lacy Scallops and the colour of those embossed leaves is lovely. I have more or less decided to do that pattern for my Sockapaloooza pal. Come to think of it that yarn reminds me of someone... oh yes it looks like the P-man!

Alison said...

Pretty Lacy Scallops!

The afghan is going to be very nice! (I love Shine, too. Knitpicks has some good stuff for the price:)

Anonymous said...

So many lovely projects! I think I'm going to have to check out Shine - it's cotton, right (or at least partially). It looks as if my days of knitting wool sweaters for Isobel are screeching to a halt. My kids are moving to Orlando permanently (semi-permanently?). So I'll be looking for light, cottony stuff and making lots of trips out here. Maybe someday we can meet.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

Norah said...

I just love those socks! And the crocheted motifs!! And Pumpkin looks cute as always. I see why you changed his name from Tigger--Pumpkin fits him perfectly!

I've looked through your blog archives and your knitting is absolutely gorgeous. You're so talented. Man, you really got hit by the hurricanes there--I didn't realize that. Hope all the restorations go well.

Jes said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee! Those socks look great! Can you really "condition" the yarn? Does it last through washings or do you have do it every time?

I can't wait to see this carnival afghan. You're going to be seeming like crazy for awhile!

The p-man looks great. I'm sure he appreciates the orange that's made it into your needle work ;)

Knittykim said...

I am SO proud of you for crocheting, and not hiding it. Some knitters just HATE crochet-"it's the dark side...only old crones do it...blah, blah, blah.."

It has it's place, just like knitting, or tatting, or sewing. It's all in how you use it!

Anonymous said...

those socks are perfect. I'm beginning to love the orange/pink combination. Saw someone knitting with a smiliar colorway at the meet-up last weekend, and fell in love then.

Glad you turned the artist onto the knitpicks yarn.

Looks like you're firmly in your hook-hood. I can't wait to see how your blankie turns out

La Cabeza Grande said...

Ha! Yes, Pumpkin is the Master of His Universe! I know my boy kitty treats all he surveys as things subject to his whims and desires.

We bi-peds merely exist to serve. And pet.

Wish I had your sock sensibility. Between you and Sock Bug, what's a knitter to do? Good stuff.

Liz said...

It;s all about color...And I love all the colors in today's post. The socks, the medallions...Love me!

Nana Sadie said...

Master of the Universe for sure! Love that Pumpkin! :)
And those socks...well, WOW. Just gorgeous. I will try again to knit socks. Promise!

Anonymous said...

Those socks look great! I love the medallion afghan! I can't wait to see it completed. The color selection is great on that too! Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh those socks look good enough to eat - like sherbert.

lexa said...

Beautiful socks! What a gorgeous kitty!

Anonymous said...

That face -- who could not love that face? I love the colors you are doing your afghan in. Well done. edna

gw2 gold said...

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Apna Rajasthan said...

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