Thursday, November 10, 2005

To celebrate my return to civilization (sort of)

Look what my good friend La made me:

Image hosted by

I'm so excited!! I guess this means I'm not velveteen any more, I'm REAL!!!

Thanks La!!!!

(Feel free to yoink my button from my sidebar but please don't steal my bandwidth!!)


Anonymous said...

man, that was one of my all-time favorite children's books!

Glad you like it. I had fun teaching myself how to make it, hence perfecting my procrastination skills.

Anonymous said...

That's very cute.

Unknown said...

Welcome back to a more civilized existence. :)

Anonymous said...

Your button has been duly installed on my blog - no bw theft! ;)

margene said...

I have wanted you to have a button for a long, long time! Hurray La!!