Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If you're looking for GREAT Knitting pics...

Don't look here :)

I'm plugging away on the Ocean Lace Stole and I'm convinced this thing is laughing in my face! I knit, knit, knit and the thing never seems to get any bigger nor the "skank" any smaller!! I even place a stitch marker on the last row when I pick it up for the day....I knit, knit, knit and the marker shows me I've knit 4 inches....I hold up the stole, and it's the same length it was yesterday!! D'OH!! So no pics til this thing is finished (if ever?)

In addition, because I am so focused on the stole, the Neighbor's Thank You Socks go untouched. I WILL have both of these projects done sometime next week, I WILL!!

As a distraction, I've seen this on so many blogs and found them all so interesting! After reading a friend's list and sharing some similarities, she encouraged me to do my own list so here goes!!

100 Things About Me

1. I am a Florida native, born in Hialeah
2. I grew up in a small town on Long Island, New York
3. I’ve lived in Florida since 1989
4. I’m a published contributing author of a professional textbook
5. I’m very superstitious and collect good luck charms
6. I have one sibling, a younger brother
7. When I get dressed I ALWAYS put my right shoe on first
8. I’m very sensitive and cry easily, sometimes just as a release of stress
9. My parents have been married for 52 years and I’m very proud of that fact
10. I don’t think I want to get married
11. I’ve been engaged 3 times
12. I will never have children
13. I’d love to be a foster parent to an older child
14. I have very strong nails and can grow them quite long
15. Almost every day, someone comments about my nails when they are long
16. I always start conversations with strangers when I’m out and about
17. I hate flying
18. I’m currently in grad school for the second time in a field unrelated to my profession
19. I lost both my precious cats, Jaxon and Mickie this year (2005)
20. I had my tonsils out when I was 25 and my gallbladder out at 32
21. I love the color green but look terrible if I wear it
22. I wear only cool, blue toned colors like blue, gray and pink
23. I’ve been fluffy my whole life
24. I think diets suck and make people miserable (and fatter in the long run)
25. I love veggies and try to eat a least 5 a day
26. I am trained as an Oncology (Cancer) Clinical Specialist
27. I smoked for twenty years – 1 ½ to 2 packs a day
28. I myself am a cancer survivor
29. My Mom is a cancer survivor too
30. I miss my childhood sweetheart sometimes
31. I am really very shy but know one knows it
32. I am very confrontational
33. I have been an assertiveness trainer
34. I am a very eloquent speaker and writer, especially subjects I’m passionate about
35. I often think I would like to run for Mayor of my city and probably will someday
36. I worry about America’s future and fear for it’s children
37. I wanted to be an ichthyologist when I was young
38. My favorite toy in my youth was Play Doh Fun Factory and Creepy Crawlers
39. I have owned 5 cars in my lifetime: an orange Plymouth Vega, a blue Ford Maverick, a silver Honda Civic, a blue Mitsubishi Gallant, and a green Toyota Camry
40. I lust after a Porsche Boxster in Midnight Blue (of course I'll need the jaws of life to get me out of it! hehe....)
41. I am not religious but believe strongly in God
42. I believe God has no religion and we are all his children
43. I’m a registered Democrat but always vote my conscience
44. I pray often
45. I love swimming in pools but hate swimming in the ocean except in the Keys
46. I’m pro-choice
47. I am very fairskinned and burn like a lobster in the sun
48. I love to fish in the ocean
49. I’ve never freshwater fished
50. Someday I dream of catching a Black Marlin, but I’ll release it
51. I think about becoming a vegetarian but I would miss fish a lot and chicken a little
52. I met Sissy Spacek while shopping in Kroger
53. I stood next to Harvey Firestein during the opening ceremony for the Names Quilt in Washington DC
54. I learned to crochet when I was 8
55. My mom tried to teach me to knit then too
56. I couldn’t warm up to knitting
57. About six months later I wandered into a LYS near my home and the “old ladies” there taught me how to knit again and that time it took
58. My Mom still thinks she taught me…I let her :)
59. I knit until I moved to Florida and then stopped completely for about 15 years
60. In 2002 I re-discovered knitting via the Internet
61. Now I knit just about every day
62. My favorite food is pasta
63. I love Thai and Sushi when eating out
64. I love to cook but don’t do it all that much
65. I’ve only had one non-romantic roommate once in my life for one year
66. I did not go away to college but lived at home
67. I went to Adelphi University in Garden City, NY for my BSN
68. When I took my nursing boards, it was a 2 day long test held in Nassau Coliseum. If I failed, I couldn’t re-take the test until December
69. I took boards in July and didn’t get results til November. Now nurses go to a proctored computer center, take a computerized test that shuts down when you get to the question at which point you fail or continues to the end and tells you you’ve passed on the spot. If you fail, you can reschedule at a test center in two weeks
70. I went to the University of Miami for my MSN
71. I’ve only been to one football game in my life, the Peach Bowl in Atlanta
72. I love baseball but only live (in Joe Robbie Stadium!!! Go Fish!)
73. I was at the World Series when the Marlins won it their first year as a team
74. The first person I ever met from the internet was a Dutch ex-pat living in San Jose. I was in Cali visiting my brother and I met Frans – I was unable to recognize him from the pic he had sent, it was that different!
75. I was engaged to a man I met on the Internet
76. He had a nail fetish, we met in a “long nails” chatroom on AOL that I popped into thinking "what on earth could people be talking about in here??"
77. I moved to the convent shortly after ….just kidding :)
78. My favorite place to visit in the whole world is the Florida Keys
79. Looe Key is the #1 dive spot in the continental United States and in the top 5 in the world. I have snorkeled there many times
80. I am fascinated by tornados and would love to see one someday but not one that hurts anyone
81. I would love to see a waterspout too
82. I almost never remember my dreams
83. A recurring dream I do remember is about many tornados spinning around a city
84. When I was young my dad had an office in the Empire State Building on the 84th floor
85. He used to take me with him to work and he would take me to see the World Trade Towers being built
86. When I was about 4 my Dad had a horrible case of chicken pox that nearly killed him. It was so bad he had pox on every inch of his body including in his mouth, eyelids, “privates”
87. I slipped into the room despite my mother’s admonitions and two weeks later had one lesion on my forehead, no fever, no other pox or symptoms.
88. I have one tattoo, a small flower on my left upper arm
89. I don’t like cut flowers, I think it’s very wasteful
90. I have horrible insomnia and sometimes go 2 or 3 days without sleeping at all
91. I’ve often been told I have a very soothing/sexy voice and once auditioned to be a phone sex operator on a lark – I got the job but turned it down
92. I have a phobia for elevated highway on and off ramps and will NOT use them and ask people I am driving with not to either. If they must, I close my eyes and sing as a distraction so I don’t freak out
93. I’m very romantic
94. When I die, I really don’t care what happens because once my soul is gone, who cares? It’s not “me” any longer
95. When Jaxon died, against everything I believe, I took his ashes – somehow they gave me comfort and I am still comforted looking at his urn
96. I’m a perfectionist in many ways and in other ways things can go to hell in a handbasket and I’m unconcerned
97. I used to cross stitch all the time and have a closet full of floss, fabric and charts. I haven’t touched them in at least 8 years
98. I find intelligence very very attractive
99. I once worked for a brilliant Oncologist who I had such a horrible crush on I sometimes couldn’t speak - the feeling was mutual :) the other women in the office realized it when he nick named me “Pookie” – our feelings remained unrequited :(
100. Writing this list was a real adventure in “flight of ideas” and it was easier than I though it would be

101. This list was my clever ruse for your distraction from the absence of the %#$@* Ocean Lace Stole....muahahahahahahaha.......
102. I'll be back soon with a finished stole and socks, promise!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate and happy knitting to everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Hey... I, too, had a crush on one of the oncologists I worked for. Huh!

Debi said...

Cause brains are very sexy, dontcha know?

margene said...

It's nice to get to know you better. Happy Thanksgiving Debi!

La Cabeza Grande said...


I love these 100-things lists. They really offer insight into who we are and what we value.

And I agree 100% that smart IS sexy!

chris said...

Fascinating list- thanks for sharing! I loved learning more about you. Especially the one about auditioning to be a phone sex operator!! :-) And I'm with you- brains are the sexiest part on any man!

HeatherLeigh said...

Yep. The black hole of knitting. It happens to us all.

So how much older do you want this foster child to be? I'm 27. Is that too old? LOL.

I'm not at all surprised that you're a nurse. I'm trying to get back in to nursing school myself. (my transcripts are stuck in a black hole somewhere)

I suppose I should do a list too...

Beth said...

Holy Cow - we do have a lot of similarities. I have my old cat Cleo's ashes in a beautiful wooden holder with her photo on the front. And I'm also pro-choice (and pro-stem cell research!).

Hunter said...

I'm thinking of you and Pumpkin and sending good vibes your way. I read that Pumpkin's name was Tigger when he took ownership of you. It's funny how names fit or don't fit the furry kids. Our Tigger was called "Willie" at the no-kill shelter where he found us. :)

Aloha and all the best.

My blog:
Tigger's page:

Ada said...

Thanks for sharing this inside info. Great way to learn more about you dear Sis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your list. I enjoyed reading about you. I had a hard time with mine, it took forever to come up with 100 unique things, lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

Gracie said...

Fun list! I hope that all of a sudden that shawl will grow!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Agnes said...

hahaha ... clever distraction indeed!
Felt really sad reading about your cats! But you now have Pumpkin! ;)
I don't like cut flowers either! I love them still alive ... in the earth ... with roots.

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed your list! You are fascinating.

Thanks for the tidbits, and hope you have a nice turkey day. Gobble gobble!

Alison said...

Great list! I like getting to know more about you!

Sharlene said...

That was a great list! Thanks for sharing. I know a lot more about you now. :)

Steph said...

My Sampler shawl is like that too, as is the Sunset wrap. Something about lace. It shrinks while you're working. Proven fact.

Anonymous said...

Great list! Have you see the knitted intestines?
I thought it was cool.

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading your list. We are so different, but it's amazing how knitting can bring diverse people together.

Christina said...

What a great list! I feel very shallow to say that I feel terribly jealous about your long strong nails. Mine never make it past the tips of my fingers before they bend and peel.

Loved learning a bit more about you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi

Glad your doors fixed, even if it has taken weeks and cost $$$'s!

At least its got done before xmas, so hopefully you'll be able to relax a little. Oh and try and lay off the acrobatics for a while - you don't want to wreck the other knee!

take care