Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happiness is a new mousie!!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and kindness.

Week 3, still no power *sigh* Pumpkin and I keep hoping tho! Altho much power has been restored, many people are still without. One thing that is very dangerous is that still more that 60% of the traffic lights are still out in Broward County. And with tempers high and stress levels soaring, you can imagine what that means...LOTS of road rage!! I think once you get into week 3, the thread of kindness that a disaster brings out in many people starts to fray.

One thing I find very interesting is that when I query my friends in other states, or even other parts of Florida, they tell me there is virtually no mention of this situation on the news.....scary, isn't it?

I noticed changes in Pumpkin's behavior too in response to the stress of all the changes in his world..... for one I found him trying to lay in his litter box! Anyone that is owned by a cat knows that they are usually fastidious about cleanliness and would find laying in their own "litter" completely abhorant. I was so worried especially since the only other time I witnessed this behavior was right before Jaxon died in February! I know he was doing it for comfort but it freaked me out!

It's very difficult for me to ask for help despite the fact that many of my internet friends were right there for me ready to send food, water, YARN....you know, the essentials! When a certain someone asked if there was anything she could do, as hard as it was, I reconsidered for the good of the P-Man. You see one of the casualties of that bitch Wilma was the P-Man's beloved mousie. It was knit of sock yarn and stuffed with cat nip and he loved that ratty old thing to death. It got soaked with God knows what in the big blow and I didn't want him putting it in his mouth any longer. I know the loss of his mousie was making a bad situation even worse for my P-Man. Enter salvation :)

See, this certain someone is a very speedy knitter. And she has an excellent quality control supervisor to help her along. So I asked this knitter and her supervisor to knit my Pumpkin a new mousie and happiness abounds at FKD!! Just look:

Pumpkin is beside himself with happiness and hasn't stopped playing since I opened the mail. This wonderful someone also included a bunch of yummy treats for my furry one and some yummy YARN for me and even used her own beautiful *handspun* to make this wonderful and generous gift!!! So THANK YOU WENDY! THANK YOU LUCY!!! The P-Man and I send many hugs and many chirrrps of joy for your kindness and generosity and friendship!!


Anonymous said...

P-Man is such a cutie. He looks like he's really enjoying that mouse.

teresa said...

Aw!!! How sweet! Boy have I missed a lot lately. I am so sorry Wilma has been such a hag! Thinking good thoughts for you and the fluffy Pman!

HeatherLeigh said...

When I saw that Wendy was knitting a mousie, I just *knew* it was for you. I'm glad that Pumpkin has some comfort for him.

I live in Oregon, and we haven't heard anything of the continued problems. Maybe the knitting community can send a quick email to major media to see if the media would light a fire under Jeb? Just a suggestion.

BTW, my offer still stands. Let me know.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing cuter than a cat drunk on some nip!

Take care of yourself - I'm thinking about you. ((((hugs))))

Agnes said...

OMG ... it made me cry to see P-man so happy with his new mousie!

Wendy said...

Lucy and I were SO HAPPY to see the photos of your sweet little guy playing with his new mousie.

Catherine said...

I'm in Orlando and it's barely mentioned on the news here. 3 weeks without electricity - I can't imagine. I did 5 days last year and thought it was the biggest pain in the butt ever. Seriously, if there's anything I can do to make life easier, email me at bossylittledogATyahooDOTcom. Our stores are fully stocked, I'll be glad to send you a survival kit to help you get through!

Anonymous said...

All is quiet on the news front her as well. YOu would think it had not even happened. There must be something that can be done about the power surely? I know there are desaters happening all around us at the moment but this is ridiculous.

Pumpkinmama said...

Yup - sadly, you guys are off the radar in terms of news up here as well. I'm thinking of you though! Glad Pumpkin got a little releif aid - poor kitty. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

No word out here in Washington either. I think we as Americans have the attention span of a gnat! So glad to see Pumpkin with his new mousie - he looks so happy! My son is now in Orlando and the wife and babe leave Friday, so we gotta get out there sometime in the next 6 months. Glad you're hangin' in and are ok. Dorothy (Missosuri Star/Grasshopper)

Cathy said...

Oh, I'm so happy your pumpkin is once again a happy little man! I have a cat who is incredibly attached to certain toys, they are like little kids. I'm so sorry you still have no power, I know you don't know me, but if you need anything that I can send, let me know, I'm in MA. Still praying for you both - Cath

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm so glad the p-man could find some comfort in his new mousy. Those are great pictures. I hope life returns to normal ASAP.

margene said...

I did hear a mention of the street lights in your area being out but they didn't mention that so many people were still without power. Wendy is one cool cookie.
Stress is hard for anyone but P-man surely has no idea why life is so upside down. Hugs to him and to you.

Ada said...

Ohhhh P-man you look so much better. I'm glad you got a nuew mousie. Big hugs from the three A-girls from holland.

Christina said...

Pumpkin seems very happy with his mousie returned. I guess we all need something to keep us sane when the world is a mess. Here in CT you'd never know what is going on down there. After the storm hits you hear very little. We only hear from my family down there.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin, you are the cutest little pussy cat! I'm glad you got Ms Mousie back.

Anonymous said...

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