Thursday, January 05, 2006

Showing the Fug!

Those two crazee gals over at JenLa are having a leetle contest.....who's avatar is the fugliest!!

Go, run, hurry! Cast your vote for this all important first real dilemma of the new year!

And because the sisters in snark want to share the fug fun, they're encouraging us all to create even more hideous avatars! Here's mine, protect your retinas!!

Yahoo! Avatars
I'm especially fond of the mini skirt and the iguana in a snow storm :)

here to create some fug of your own!! It's FUN!!!

Don't forget to visit our knotty girls, cast your vote and point them in the direction of some fug of your own! (and check out their great *Best of 2005* list while youre there, too!)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I wore that outfit just last week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you just have no sense do you? Minis-skirt, barely sandals and an iguana in the snow!

And I betcha that's ice-cold beer on your head too, huh?

jenifleur said...

See, this is why I drink at home. Poor lizard had to get dragged into your sickness?

Sunny said...

That avatar's going to catch it's death. I don't even want to think about what that poor lizard's in for.


Knittykim said...

I thought my avator with all the pink, and the golf clubs and monkey really set the bar. THEN I saw some of the gawd-awful ones posted on Jenla's site. (shudder...)

Anonymous said...

Hey, any luck with that Orange Chibi?