Thursday, December 29, 2005

WIP's, traditions and looking towards the future

I haven't been knitting lots so I'm not sure if I'll have any more FO's for 2005.

Here is sock #2 of the STR Mesa Footie....these are so pretty and as chilly as it's been here lately, I can't wait to wear them! These have a decent shot at being completed soon.

Here is the progress on the Market Square bag. I'm on tier #6 (of 15). I just LOVE these colors and I can't wait to see the bag after it's felted. It's really fun to knit, I highly recommend it! It goes pretty fast but I think it may be my first FO of 2006, rather than 2005.

Being of a superstitious nature, I have lots of little New Year traditions I love to execute to bring good luck in the New Year. One popular tradition here in South Florida is borrowed from so many of Cuban heritage. On Jan. 1, Cubans eat 12 grapes, one for prosperity and luck in each month of the coming year. Another of my favorites is if you drink a glass of champagne with a diamond in it, you will always have wealth throughout the year. I eat a piece of apple on Jan.1 for good health and I toss a glass of water out my front door to toss out all the "bad luck" as well as the southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas and greens. Hey, I'm a busy gal on January 1!! What are some New Year's traditions YOU observe every Jan.1....I'd love to hear them!!

I believe that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will do thought the coming year so I try to laugh lots, be happy, tell someone I love them, eat chocolate, cast-on and KNIT! Since I've returned to knitting these last 3 years, I always start a new project on January 1. This last few months my knitting ennui has kept me close to smaller projects but I'm ready to jump back in! After much deliberation I've chosen this as my January project:

It's the Lacy Aran Pullover from Knit One Crochet Too. Isn't it lovely? Looks like a challenging, interesting knit as well.
The pattern calls for K1C2 Second Time Cotton and I've heard really good things about this yarn so I decided to use some of my holiday spoils to try it. Now I need help in choosing a color!!!
I've narrowed it down to these three choices:

L-R : Valencia, Glacier, English Heather

I know what I am leaning towards but help me decide, o faithful reader! :)

I wont be able to start this on Jan.1 since my favorite vendor (hi Judy) is ordering all three colors for me! I guess I'll cast on a new pair of socks on Jan. 1 for luck and wait for my new yarn in January....And for those that are interested, the Ample-Knitters are hosting a Knit-a-Long for this lovely pullover!! The pattern ranges in size from 36" to 54" so everyone is welcome, including the non-fluffy :) If you're interested in more info or where to purchase the pattern, I'm just an email away....come on, join the fun!

Of course, a post from FKD isn't complete without a visit from the P-Man!

Pumpkin wants you to meet his new friend Brittany....

Brittany lives in the same condo complex as Pumpkin and I. I met her when she came around selling candy to support her school. The minute Pumpkin and Brittany met it was love at first site. Brittany's Mom told me that Brittany has a real affinity for all animals and really wants to be a Vet when she grows up (she's six!)

To help Brittany get even more comfortable with animals she chose 3 residents in the condo complex and every Saturday she comes by to provide a "service" for the chosen pet. Every Saturday Pumpkin gets thoroughly brushed by his new pal Brittany. She carries him throughout the condo and I've never seen him so docile, content and well groomed...see?

It's true love, I tell ya!

So what will you be casting on for knitting luck on January 1?


chris said...

Great post, Debi! I loved your thoughts about January 1st and I enjoyed reading about your superstitions and traditions. Like you, I feel that whatever we do on Jan. 1st gets carried throughout the year, so I try to laugh and smile lots and spend time with loved ones. (I'll definitely be knitting this New Year's Day, too!) I also have this thing about starting the New Year "clean," so I try to pay off my debts, mortgage, etc. and take a bath before midnight. Japanese also have a tradition of eating certain foods on New Years for luck, happiness and virility, like mochi, ozoni (mochi soup) and kazunoko (fish eggs). Brittany looks like such a sweetie-pie and Pumpkin looks to be in heaven!! Both your sock and your bag look wonderful....take care and Happy New Year to you!! :-)

Agnes said...

Tell P-Man he is a very lucky guy/cat ... his new friend is a beautiful and lovely girl!
I am not a superstitious person but Chinese do have lots of traditions for Chinese New Year (usually falls in February). For example, we have to wear our best new clothes, both inside and outside for the new year; we do real cleaning of the house before new year day and don't sweep the floor on the first day of the new year.
About starting a new project on Jan 1, that's a good idea ... I think I would start a sock project. I would also be watching the all day Law & Order on TNT. ;)
For the choice of colour, I would opt for Valencia ... I think the pullover would be gorgeous in that colour.

Enjay said...

Hi Deb! The P-man sure does look spiffy, I'd say his friend does a great job.
I like your ideas about New Years. I usually try to finish things and start new projects on New Years. I hold with the idea that finishing prepares you for moving on and starting anew. While some might say finishing would be more symbolic on new years eve, it suits my sense of irony better to finish at the beginning. Besides, I'm used to marching to my own schedule and if that's slightly behind most other peoples, that's fine with me :) Happy New Year!

Enjay said...

please edit that to say his *adorable* friend. I swear, if it wasn't attached I'd be the headless knitter. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that interesting, your first commenter said that they do all their cleaning on jan 1st. We are the opposite. We are not allowed to sweep or do washing in case we sweep/wash someone out of the family. Also on The stroke of midnight we open the front and back doors to let out the old year and let in the new and someone at the party then goes outside and becomes the first visitor to the house with a lump of coal,and a drink to ensure prosperity for the coming year. oh yes and finally my FIL who is no longer with us always used to make sure that we all had money in our pockets at the stroke of midnight to ensure that we would always have money for the coming year. Goodness I had forotten about all these until you mentioned it!
PS Brittney looks really cute- you had better make sure she doesn't try to catnap the P man :-)

Catherine said...

I vote for Valencia. Love the P-man and his little friend, she's adorable! Now you've got me started on planning my own New Year's celebration.

Anonymous said...

My New Years tradition is to put a dollar bill in a glass jar at my door, it's supposed to be for prosperity, but if it's still there in the morning, I take it as a sign of good luck!
I plan on finishing an old project on New Years Eve and starting a new one on New Years Day, too. My new project is going to be pullover of my own design with some yummy Rowan Cork!
My vote goes for English Heather, but then again, I am a sucker for anything pink or purple.
Happy New Year to you and the well-groomed and very pampered P-Man!

Carole Knits said...

I always make hoppin john for January 1st. No one in my house really likes it (hey, we're Northerners) but it's supposed to be good luck so that's what we eat. I'll probably be casting on a shawl - perhaps Diamond Fantasy. As for your yarn choices for the Lacy Aran Pullover, I like Valencia.
And what a sweet kid Brittany is!
Happy New Year, Deb!

Jes said...

Yea! there is someone else in the world that does the grape thing! My grandfather is from Cuba and we do it every year. I insist on havingg grapes no matter what. I even carried them around in a baggy in my pocket all night while downtown and ate them at midnight. It's one of the only traditions that I'm totally stuck on.
Anyhow, I love those colors, the English Heather, especially.
Also the P-man looks spectacular. What a cute couple they make. =)

Anonymous said...

P-man's friend is precious! I think there needs to be some knitting going on for her this year. Our big exciting thing for New Year's Day is take the Christmas decorations down. Usually my husband is itching to get them down on the 26th, but I make him wait. And I usually do get in a cleaning/organizing mode. I have usually begun a new project too! This year I don't think it will be anything big - will probably stick to a pair of socks. I've got too many big things going already. And speaking of socks, can I steal your "Real Women Knit Socks" graphic? No bandwith theft - I'll link to it on my own page. Dorothy (Missouri Star) Oh, and my vote is for the center color. It is the less varigated of the three and I think will show the lacey pattern better. But they're all lovely.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Even though my Mom is from the South, she never indicated any traditions. I suppose all I try to do is start the year with good friends and a clean emotional and financial slate.

And that Law and Order marathon? That's some quality knitting time. Socks, anyone?

All the best to you, Pumpkin and his precious new friend in the coming year!

Singular Stitches said...

I'll have to get those ideas down so I can do them! (I really hope I don't swallow my engagement ring when I drink my champagne!)

My mum always had Polish Bologna and Sauerkraut (Slovak good luck) on New Years. I never liked sauerkraut, so I never had any.

She also said that whatever you're doing on New Year's Day, you will be doing for the rest of the year, so no cleaning and lots of knitting!

Leslie said...

Being a sucker for pinkie colors I'm stuck between English Heather and Valencia - yes, I see some pink, some purple and some lovely P-man (and Perry) color. Valencia is definately a happier color, while English Heather is restful. Glacier is just what its name implies (at least to me). All that being said, I vote for Valencia. It'll make a great contrast to that lovely market bag.

I don't seem to have one single New Year tradition - maybe it's time to start one, so I will start the sweater I am planning for a February baby.

P-man looks lovely. He must be very brave to get so close to strangers so soon, and Brittany must be very special.

Anonymous said...

I'll join you in your New Year's traditions of laughing lots, telling someone I love them, EATING CHOCOLATE, casting on something new and KNIT! I could do the grapes and the glass of water, too.

My ex MIL always did the black eyed peas and greens, as well as pork and sauerkraut??? I don't remember the significance of the latter, and I wouldn't touch the former...(I just don't like 'em.) I would probably swallow the diamond along with the champagne...(I'm coordinated that way.)

Isn't Brittany a special little girl, and her mother for thinking of ways to foster her budding vet dreams so early? P-Man looks like he thoroughly approves.

Acornbud said...

I love the picture of pumpkin and brittany. He looks so comfortable and loved.
I hope to be casting on for Rogue. My yarn has shipped. Hope the color is as nice as the picture.
Our family eats ozoni, the mochi soup and also goes out for one meal together.
Have a great New Year!

christine said...

What a wonderful idea for Brittany! and what a plus for Pumpkin - who does look quite pleased with himself.....Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to give into your New Year's rituals this year...It can't hurt right? Next year, I plan to be a more balanced person..not mentally, but in regards to every aspect of life...especially devoting s'more time to knitting...this has been one knitting deprived year...I wish I had someone to pamper me like Pumpkin has!!!(damn cat..jk) I think I like the peachy color for your new "big project"...and..that's all...

Happy Knitting!!!

Ada said...

Pumpkin is so lucky with his new found friend. He looks beautiful. But then he always did look beautiful already.
Interesting those traditions. I still have to ask my mom but i know of one where a lot of people do the new years dive in the noordzee. Not me though..way to cold.
I think i'm going to continue your traditions over here..
I like the new sweater you are going to make i think after carefully thinking about it i would go for the will look fabulous.

margene said...

Go bright! I love the Eng. Heather but Valencia is very pretty, too. May 2006 be a great year for us all! Knit on!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, Brittany needs to come brush Moze. He's developed a couple of dredlocks. Yup, that's my Rasta cat for ya!

I think I'll be casting on for a shawl I'm test knitting for mim. It's going to be my new "sit in front of the TV" knitting project. As for yarn choice, I really like Glacier, second choice, English Heather. I'm not really an orange person, even though I'm totally smitten with your kitten.

Yeah, 2005 can go the hell away now. Bring on 2006!

Just A Knit Wit said...

Glacier! Go with Glacier! You can never go wrong with a nice pale blue color. Plus... pink is evil.

I love the socks, they're such pretty colors. Perhaps I shall have to join the ranks of sock knitter. But I need sock needles for that. (I've got sock yarn, but no needles. Sense? I have no sense. I make no sense!)

Marguerite said...

I cast a minority vote for glacier. The valencia and English heather are both beautiful, but the lacy Aran is just yelling glacier at me.

I love the lighter, misty colors for cables and lace - says the woman who is going to cast on a FLAK Aran new year's day in bright antique rose. LOL

Bet when you see the yarn in person you won't have any trouble putting your finger on the right color for you.

Anonymous said...

Valencia! :)

Brittany is adorable. Pumpkin does look quite content with the little cutie. My cat in the same situation... well ... lets just say that the photo would not be nearly as sweet. Or even close.

Digging the socks - gorgeous colors!

Happy New Year chickie....

Anonymous said...

Black eyed peas.... always have to eat the black eyed peas on New Years. Can't chance it.

Brittany is a total cutie pie and Pumpkin looks like he's totally diggin' this Saturday brush and snuggle.

snowballinhell said...

I'm voting for Glacier.

That P-Man just gets cuter every day, but it doesn't hurt to throw a cute little girl into the picture for the "Awwww," factor. ;-)

Have a very happy New Year, Deb.

Alison said...

The bag is looking wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the square market bag either! Do post some pictures when you're done.
And the 6 year old Veterinarian is a cutie!

traveling knitter said...

I'm Polish, and we believe that what you do on CHRISTMAS EVE is what you will do in the next year....I wonder where that comes from since It's got to be related. My aunt tells me that one of her traditions that we will be doing this year is that you leave a dollar bill under a flower pot or somewhere in your garden before you go out for New Years Eve and before you cross your threshold upon your return you have to retrieve your dollar and go inside. This is supposed to bring you luck in finacial matters.....we could all use THAT. ;)

Sharlene said...

How sweet! What a nice treat for Brittany and for Pumpkin, LOL.

Beth said...

For your lacy sweater - I think Glacier would make the nicest FO, but I'd personally enjoy knitting with Valencia more.

A few more rows on the MSB and they'll suddenly start to go really fast and you'll be done in no time.

Anonymous said...

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