Friday, June 10, 2005

Stash Enhacement and a Reminder!!

OOOO how pretty!!

The yarn on the left is 400 yards of Seduction in the Sarong colorway. This was a gift from someone special ( hi Toni! ) and is a fingering weight hand dyed 50% Merino/50% Tencel blend. My camera doesn't capture the luster of this beautiful yarn nor the decadent softness!! It is so delicious!! This would make the ultimate pair of socks but I'm thinking maybe a beaded shawlette too. Ah, such tough decisions :) This yarn is dyed by the same talented artist who produces Socks That Rock yarn and if you haven't checked that out you can find it at The Fold It's a great *sproingy* sock yarn in amazing colorways...go on, you know you wanna :)

I saw the yarn on the right, Kelly, in a catalog and fell in love! The Kelly is a cable constructed cotton/acrylic worsted weight yarn in a beautiful light to dark coral and lime colorway. Now I may have the stash that ate Florida but don't buy yarn "just to have it". All my yarn is earmarked for specific projects* I couldn't justify the purchase until I met this:

mmmmmmmm, sweater ::::best Homer Simpson drool:::: Isn't she lovely? Her name's Dibs-On-Ribs and she's from the "Subscriber Only" area of the Interweave Knits on-line site. She's constructed with all sorts of interesting short rows. Itchy Kureyon, feh! Soft, brilliant Kelly, goooooood!! Won't she make a lovely summer sweater?

Now don't forget, tomorrow is Image hosted by so get out there and KIP all you amazing knitters!! And bring an extra set of needles and some scrap yarn to teach someone to KIP for next year!

*altho all my stash has a purpose, I reserve the right to change my mind at any's a knitter's perogative, n'est ce pas? :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy you KIPpy weekend!
(That yarn is gorgeous.)

Marina said...

What a good idea! I will be packing some extra needles & yarn when I go to get the car e-checked.

Mmm, yummy yarn.

Buttons said...

This yarn looks good enough to eat let alone knit up, I am very jealous!
~hugs and love~

Anonymous said...

I knitted at the movie theater before the movie started, does that count?

Ada said...

The yarn looks great. Kelly will be looking wonderful once knitted up into the sweater!!

Anonymous said...

yes, I love this pattern, it's on my short list! haven't decided on the yarn yet. can't wait to see yours!