Sunday, June 21, 2009

Socks on Parade......

Howdy Strangers!

It's been so long since I've updated Knitbloglandia with the many, many socks I've been knitting I think the time has come!

So as not to innudate my readers (the shock of frequent posting could kill the few that are left, hehe) I'll share them over the next few weeks, 2 at a time....

Then as an added bonus, y'all can look forward to some regular kitteh beefcake too!

And so we begin:

Vinnland Socks


Pattern: Vinnland

Yarn: 2.5 skeins Heirloom Argyle in Burgundy Heather (LOVELY YARN!)

Needles: 32" US #1 (2.25mm) addi turbo for foot, US #1.5 (2.5mm) for last pattern repeat on leg and for tubular bind off, magic loop

Mods/Notes: Used Turkish cast on to start. Changed yo SR heel to flap heel modified from the July SKA Mystery Sock

Even tho these were knit for a man's size 13!! they were a fun knit that went very quickly! The yarn is rugged but soft enough for next to skin wear and very handsome. This pattern had been in my queue forever but for some reason I was intimidated - needlessly so and I'm sorry I waited so long! They were a very enjoyable knit and made a really sharp looking sock!

Disco Elise Socks


Pattern: Elise by Jaimi Allen

Yarn: Tempted Glam Girl in the Concubine colorway :)

Needles: US #1 (2.25mm) KP nickel 32" circ, magic loop
#13 steel crochet hook
32 size 8/0 crystal silver lined seed beads

Notes/Mods: Knit these toe up so I could use every inch of this pretty, pretty yarn! You can't see it from the pics but there is a sterling silver thread running thru the yarn which is why I called them "Disco Elise" :)

Cast on using the Turkish cast on of course!

The pattern is nice and stretchy but hugs the leg nicely.

I again used a modified version of the July Mystery Sock flap heel but added the eye of partridge stitch.

I added a row of silver crystal 8/0 seed beads to the last row before starting the picot edge to bring out the silver in the yarn and make them even more disco-y.

I used a picot hem rather than any ribbing to keep the very feminine look.

Here's a close up of the picot hem, the beads and the silver thread in the yarn:

Very enjoyable socks and the proceeds went to a very good cause so the socks were full of win!

Ok, that ends our sock update portion, now for the kitteh beefcake!!

Even asleep he's so studly, isn't he? See ya next week with sock update part 2!


Anonymous said...

Lovely socks, and what a contrast between the two pairs. "Something for everyone", as they sing in "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum".

Chin scritches to Pumpkin.

LizzieK8 said...

Very pretty socks and kitteh, too. I so envy those that have the fortitude to knit lace socks. I keep trying and just get so ancy I have difficulty finishing them....Just a plain ol' vanilla girl, here!

Carole Knits said...

I cannot imagine you being intimidated by ANY sock pattern. Nice work.

Dorothy said...

I especially love the disco socks! I just started a beading project and used a crochet hook for the first time. I used your tutorial - thanks!

twig said...

Love those Vinnland socks. But moreso I love sleeping kitty pictures.

Anonymous said...

I've not heard of sock yarn with metal in before - very intriguing! I love the little pico cuff with beads!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Your Disco Elise socks are really something special! Outstanding craftswomanship as always, FKD.

Give the Pumpkin Dude a few scritches for me.

KSee said...

Glad to see you. Both pair of socks are great. The Disco socks are very special.

Good to see P-man too. He is so cute.

Eenae said...

Pretty, pretty! The P-man is handsome as always!

Grandma Elsie said...

Deb good to hear from you.
I love the Vinnland socks,well both pair really. The vinnland pair looks like cables to my old eyes.
keeps you from being bored.LOL

Nana Sadie said...

Wow! They're gorgeous! (and so is the P-Man...of course)

Agnes said...

Wonderful socks! I haven't been very successful with socks this month, so focus all the attention on the afghan. Hope the mojo would change soon. :)

Linda said...

I love the silver beads added at the top - the perfect finishing touch! The other socks are awesome, too. I am actually very likely to make a pair of those for myself.

Anonymous said...

Yay - kitteh beefcake!
The socks are beautiful (as usual).