Tuesday, April 04, 2006

G is for......

After my well received "F is for friendship" post I was kinda at a loss for a suitable "G is for......"

So I bring you some of the various and sundry G's in the life of this Fluffy Knitter....

First I bring you the humble Gecko.

No, not this guy

This guy!

Isn't he cute?

These creatures are a part of life in Florida, both inside and out!

When I walk outside I often see as many as ten scurry in all directions at my approach and I know spring is on it's way when all the tiny baby geckos make their first appearance.

Altho few Floridians actually keep Geckos as pets, few would complain to have a Gecko house guest because they eat all the unwanted house creepies, especially ants and cockroaches! YUCK!!

A unique feature of the Gecko is that they have a regenerating tail! When Pumpkin a bird swoops in for a game of tag a meal, the wiley Gecko makes it's escape by leaving it's tail behind while it's body remains unscathed! Florida wouldn't be Florida without the useful escape artist that is G for Gecko!

I am sure my love for the G that is Green is no secret! My blog is green, my pics all have green backgrounds (green towels, blankets, green couch, ect.) but unfortunately there is no wearing of the green because it makes me look like death! So I live Green vicariously thru my knitting. To wit, another sock steps into the spotlight....and it's the G that is Green!

This is some GGH Marathon Sock yarn that's been marinating in the stash for a while. I love the marled green goodness and this workhorse of a sock is yet another installment of my evil plan to inundate a certain
cold footed New Yorker with so many hand knits he just HAS to wear em! Muahahahaha....

Now the best G of all is for GOOD NEWS!!

In previous posts and tutorials I've shown off my glamorous darning egg but alas after many moves, computer crashes and fruitless google searches the artist who wrought my lovely knitting accoutrement was lost. The GOOD NEWS is he's been found!!

One of my readers,
Melissa of TiaKnits, was a woman with a mission and a sister named Kelli who's a computer genius as well as a crackerjack knitter! And Kelli found our man!!! YAY Kelli!

Phil of
Custom Wood Designs is my long lost artiste!

I've been in contact with Phil and he is still making stunningly beautiful fiber related tools such as Niddy Noddies, Nostipines and DARNING EGGS out of gorgeous exotic woods. Phil plans to update his site but if you contact him, he will fashion whatever tool you fancy in any of a bevy of lovely exotic woods!

So now Margene anyone can have a beautiful Darning Egg of their own to make their kitchener knitting easier! Isn't that GOOD NEWS??
Go pay Phil a visit and see what goodies he has!

Thanks again for your persistence and genius Melissa and Kelli!

My closing G is of course, my Gorgeous P-Man who's busy getting his nap on!

Have a GREAT week, G!


Alison said...

Oh, thank you, Kelli and Melissa for finding the darning egg maker!

I like the socks.

Carole Knits said...

I visited a friend in Florida a few years ago and I loved seeing all the geckos! You are determined to separate me from all my free cash, aren't you?

Lolly said...

My sis in Hawaii has many geckos around her yard and in the garage! They are so cute! We have a leopard gecko too. :)

I love that GGH. I have never seen that before. Lovely striping!

Terri said...

I applaud your scheme to "encourage" the wearing of knitted items. Plot away evil knittster! As always, P-man is just adorable. Happy knitting, and thanks for the info about the darning egg. Have a great week.

Pumpkinmama said...

Geckos would be cool - so much more interesting the scurrying squirrels!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Argh! If I'd just waited a few days before scampering to buy an egg. I could've had a really special from Ze Artiste.

Love the kitty belly pose, Pumpkin.

L. said...

I really like the sock yarn and hey, "it's not always easy being green", right?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those little guys. When my mom was growing up in the Osprey, FL area, her and her sister had little leashes and made them as pets. She said they never lasted long, and usually got off the leashes.

Agnes said...

In the old apartment where I grew up in Hong Kong, there was a gecko living there ... and he was pretty punctual in getting out. Usually at around 6 p.m. we would see him getting out of the dark corner of the wooden chest ... and maybe out for hunting. He felt like a member of the family! LOL!
Phil's wook word is wonderful ... I am considering getting an egg too!

Anonymous said...

Gekkos are the coolest! My fave is the spokeslizard for Geico Insurance. LOVE the accent!'

Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter...P-man does!

Jes said...

Geckos are so cool! When I went to visit my dad in south Florida I loved to see them hanging out everywhere. I'd be happy to have a hundred of them in my back yard to keep down mosquitos, but they don't fair well up here. Poo!

The socks look awesome. He's bound to wear them sooner or later =)

And, as alwasy, the p-man is adorable! =)

Lorette said...

We have little chameleons here, but they're not very big.
P-man is lovely, as usual. And that man's woodworking is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

I have a darning egg and nostepine from Phil. His work is beautiful.

Max would love to have gecko playmates! P-man is a lucky boy. I think I'd have a problem, though, finding tails on carpet. Ugh!

Beth said...

Geckos and salamanders are just one step up from snakes. Eeeuuwuww - no thanks! ;)

Norma said...

You were at a loss for G when you had wonderful geckos???? Silly girl. I'm totally psyched about the darning eggs!

Anonymous said...

We saw a few Geckos while we were in Orland. I think they're cute, but I haven't convinced my dil. I'll have to remind her they eat ants because she hates all the little ants they get. Dorothy (Missouri Star)

snowballinhell said...

I'm with Pumpkin. I could use a nap. This time change is still kicking my ass.

Now look what you've done! I'm going to have to get myself a darning egg. ACK!

Unknown said...

Excellent "G" post! We've got (at least) one in our garage - I see him near the washing machine. LaLa has gone from being afraid of them to wanting to learn how to catch them, like her brother does.

margene said...

Is P-man sleeping with one eye open so he can watch for Gecko's?
Darning egg....I can't hear you....la,la,la,la,la.......

Nana Sadie said...

oh, my, gorgeous woodworks, gorgeous gorgeous P-Man...looking sleek and sassy and sexy! (just wanna rub that belly...) But hon, you can keep the geckos!