Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just a quickie

I love knitting *secret* gifts for friends who read my blog but it doesn't make for great blog fodder! I hoped to have finished the secret beaded knitting but alas the knitting gods were not smiling....

I found a crucial mistake I made and had to tink back 4 rows of 200 stitches each including removing the beads! I accidently split one stitch into two and it threw off the whole stitch count for all the subsequent rows....which of course didn't become apparent until 800 stitches later! And then to make matters even more interesting, the tinked yarn got completely tangled and said knot took me about an hour to return it to something usable. YIKES! What a fubar situation!

Note to self: Seduction merino/tencel is splitty and slinky...PAY ATTENTION!! :)

So needless to say, the secret beaded thingy is still on the needles but I hope to finish it in the next few days....which means a new project is very close on the horizon....YAY!

I can't show project #1 so here's project #2:

Some Trekking XXL socks for FK Dad!

This is color #68 in a simple 2 x 2 rib because the yarn is so pretty, I wanted to keep the pattern simple. Besides, FK Dad is pretty conservative so these socks may be a bit outside the box for him. I've used Trekking before and I like this yarn very much but this my first time with this marled, tweedy sort of colorway and I just LOVE it! The yarn is composed of four different colored strands plyed together but the really cool thing is the strands change color every 6 - 12 inches so the colors are always changing and morphing into each other and no two rows are alike! I find myself knitting just one more row to see what comes next! Very unique and fun yarn, I'm sure my Dad will love it. (click pic for a closer view)

Addendum: I've gotten lots of queries about a good on line resource for Trekking as it seems it's realtively hard to find. My favorite vendor for everything, especially sock yarns like Bearfoot, Lorna's Laces and THE BEST selection of Trekking (including the elusive #100!) is Judy at - great selection, really fast service and NO SHIPPING :) Go have a visit, you wont be sorry!

To make up for the skimpy knitting content, I bring you some beautiful Florida sky. Our landscape is mostly brown and we don't have any majestic mountains but we do have really amazing skies!

This was our sunrise yesterday morning.

And another view

Lovely, right?

Here's my favorite assistant checking out the view from his favorite perch on my front windowsill too!

Be back soon with a new WIP (I hope)! Have a great week everyone!


chris said...

With the pain of tinking still fresh in my memory, I winced at your tinking fubar tale! Yikes! I'm glad that knit is back in good position again. Your Trekking sock is beautiful! Such a gorgeous colorway- it kind of reminds me of Silk Garden. Thank you for the lovely sunrise pics and as always, the endearing P-Man! Take care, Debi! :-)

Ada said...

Great trekking sock. And what a fabulous view. Pumpkin is adorable as always!

Carole Knits said...

The sock pattern shows off the trekking perfectly.

Anonymous said...

The socks are gorgeous! For some reason none of my LYS carry Trekking...can you imagine? Do you have a good online source for their yarn? I haven't been able to find one yet.

Anonymous said...

Ah - negative knitting. I've had those nights and you have my sympathy! But you are such an enabler. Now I've gott find some Trekking. None of my LYS carry it either. So I, too, would appreciate an online source if you have one. Dorothy (Missouri Star)

Jes said...

Look at the pretty pictures. =) The sky is gorgeous, and pumpkin is adorable.

Those socks are really neat. My LYS carries some Trekking, but I don't know if they have this type of colorway. Do you know what it's called?

I see a lot of questions about an online source. I don't know where you got it, but this web site:
carries a ton of trekking and other sock yarn and she does FREE shipping in the US. =)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, not just tinking but tinking with beads??? Oh, I shudder at the thought, shudder....

margene said...

Our sky has been nothing but gray, gray, gray. It's wonderful to see your beautiful sunrise!

Agnes said...

What a bummer with the splitty yarn! But the beautiful sock yarn can make up for it ... the colour is really very lovley. I'm sure your dad would love it.
I am also struggling with one of my projects - the socks for my husband! First the toe was too wide and so I started again (with Turkish cast on this time ... LOL!) and then it was too short on the heel and I am doing that again now!

Beth said...

Let me just say I'm NEVER up for the sunrise - you're a night owl too - how was it you saw one?

The FK Dad socks look great!

Anonymous said...

That's some gorgeous trekkin. Eww! You're up early enough to catch a sunrise. At least it was a pretty one.

Sorry I missed your IM the other day. Hope school's going well. Give P-man pats of love for me

Liz said...

You've inspired me...I bought some beads today to make my first beaded knitting project. It's a hat, not as adventourus as your shawl, but it works!

Terri said...

I am so glad you are well again. Even sick you are way more productive than me, and I sit in awe. Love the Trekkers, and thank you for the addendum. Good job to the P-man for nursing you back to health! The knitting life just isn't the same without FKD and the P-man.

Danielle said...

I've used for sock yarn purchases too, and I've been very pleased with their services!

Anonymous said...

Your assistant is so handsome/beautiful! is it an Exotic Shorthair? Love the socks! Thanks for the link. Off to order some myself for 200Sox.

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