Sunday, October 16, 2005

What Debi Needs or Debi's busy preparing her next "Made Easy" tutorial....

I'm still on Sleeve Island despite all Pumpkin's help and diligently at work on the next "Made Easy" tutorial for the Turkish Cast-On so no knitting pics today.

Instead I nicked this from Liz cause I thought it was funny....feel free to nick it from me too!

Google Your Name needs as in "Debi needs" and see what comes up. Here's mine......

Debi needs historical updates

Debi need to raise at least $2500 ("at least"...that's for sure!)

Debi needs help copying, collating, stamping, and stickering

Debi needs some help with a history project

Debi needs a haircut (and some serious Loreal Preference Medium Auburn)

Debi needs water wings and an inner tube (huh? FYI, *fluffy* FLOATS!!)

Debi needs silence (tutorial genius at work, hehehe...)

Debi needs to leave (but she'll be baaaaaack!!)

Because the P-Man is such an important contributor to FKD I gave his name a google just for giggles....his hits are much better than mine!! Must be the season.....

Pumpkin needs to be more noticeable (YAY!!)

Pumpkin needs to live

Pumpkin needs to grow (see below)

Pumpkin needs satisfaction (don't we all?)

Pumpkin needs a vent hole (YIKES!!!)

Pumpkin needs to break 1000 pounds (and with our new
Greenies supply he's well on his way!-- thanks Lucy and Auntie Agnes!)

Pumpkin needs the most amount of space

Pumpkin needs to be Pagan (sorry, we run an non-denominational cat household here at FKD)

Here's the P-Man getting himself busy with grooming chores and catnip mouse activities while he too waits for some knitting content!

I didn't want to steal the thunder from all the Rhinebeck Returnees and their spoils so I'll be back on Wednesday with the tutorial. See you then!

...Oh, Debi says bye too :)


Agnes said...

::sigh:: Pumpkin ::sigh:: always so cute! And his fur is so beautifully groomed too! ::sigh:: :)

Ada said...

Pumpkin is so beautiful. I can't wait to see your tutorial on wednesday.

Lorette said...

I can't wait to see your tutorial! I'm stealing the "needs" thing, too!

HeatherLeigh said...

Evidently I need to wear a brassiere and I need a men...NOW! *lol*

How's the new toy working out?

snowballinhell said...

I need a summer job and to take the cable car, as well as new members. What's wrong with my old ones? Harumph!

What is that thing Pumpkin has in his paw?

Liz said...

I have three cats, and none of them will touch the greenies. Yup...They are strange. Definately my cats as well.

Can;t wait to see your tutorial!

Knittykim said...

hmmm...isn't being pagan sort of non-denominational?? I detect a disturbance in the force?? I feel a SSRP tells me it shall meet me on Thursday... must wait until then!!

nergis said...

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