Friday, October 21, 2005

Follow up on using the Turkish Cast-On

I've gotten a lot of feedback on this technique and how I used it for the socks and the little pouch.

For the socks: I cast on 12 stitches (6 wraps) and worked the first two rows per the instructions. I then switched to 4 DPNs - 3 stitches per needle - as this is my preferred method for knitting socks (those that use magic loop or 2 circs can easily adapt this for your preferred method) I wanted to use a "star toe" so I increased 4 stitches EVERY row as follows: At the beginning of each needle K1, M1, knit to end. I increased in this manner until I had a total of 24 stitches and then increased EVERY OTHER ROW until I had 64 stitches (for a woman's medium and an 8 inch circumference). At this point you can add whatever pattern you choose - keep in mind that the pattern you choose, if you are designing your own sock, may decrease (lace) or increase (cables) the number of stitches you need.

If you prefer the standard wedge toe: Cast on 12 stitches (6 wraps) and work the first 2 rows as instructed. Distribute stitches on 4 DPNs and increase every row as follows: K1, M1, knit to end of needle 1. Knit across needle 2 to last 2 stitches, M1, K1. K1, M1, knit to end of needle 3. Knit across needle 4 to last 2 stitches, M1, K1. Continue to increase in this manner EVERY row until you have 24 total stitches then increase EVERY OTHER ROW until you have 64 stitches. For magic loop or 2 circs follow the above with 6 stitches per needle to start.

For the little pouch: I cast on 40 stitches using the Turkish Cast-On (20 wraps) I worked the first 2 rows as instructed and 2 additional rows. I then increased 4 stitches: On the next row K1, M1, knit to last 2 stitches, M1, K1. Turn. K1, M1, knit to last 2 stitches, M1, K1. I then worked even for 3 inches. Next row K2, yo, k2 tog repeat to end. Turn. Repeat eyelet row. Work 2 more rows even then bind off. Make a cord of your choice ( crochet, lucet, I-cord, twisted) and thread thru eyelets. No SEAMS! Voila!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments or email me!



Cathy said...

Thanks so much for the great info! I will be trying this cast on, on my next pair of socks! I've always avoided toe up because I hated doing the figure 8.
Again, Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and description of Turkish cast on. It looks a lot easier then the figure 8, that I've used before. Also, good tip about using another type of toe increase. I'd never realized that toe up could be done with the star toe.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe with this storm. AG and I will do the same. Email me ASAP after it passes so I know you are safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Hoping the storm goes around you... you need anything... ya got my email.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I HATE Kitchener stitch and am dying to try the Turkish cast on, but I have a question. When making toe up socks, can I use regular sock patterns or can I only use toe up patterns? Is there a way to convert regular sock patterns into toe up patterns? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the follow-up tutorial. You doing ok? Wilma didn't kick your ass I hope. Drop me a line to let me know you're ok. You know I worry...

deejay said...

Hi Deb.
Just want to thank you so much for the super tutorial on the Turkish Cast-On. I did it first try and I'm no whiz. I did it on one circular. Luckily I have a pair that has different colour needles which helped. I'm so pleased with the no seam cast. It boggles my mind. How on earth did you even think of this. Anyway, it's great.
I have been doing the toe up sock since last Sept and love it now I'm really pleased with the no seam toe. Now, I'm going to try your heel. Mine has a ridge on either side. It is uniform looking but I don't think it would be comfortable. Thanks again, I'm your fan.

jeanbess said...

thank you , can I make two socks at the same time this way

Roslyn said...

I have never knitted sox, the closest was baby booties for my kids!
I love the idea of the Turkish cast on & I want to make two at a time toe up. Any suggestions for a pattern I bought a book but I hate their cast on. Thinking maybe I need a class or are there enough tuts out there to see me through?

Anonymous said...

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