Friday, April 22, 2005


Ok, now I can clearly see the font color I chose does not work well with the new template! Please forgive me for making things harder to see than necessary....hope this is better!


ada said...

Dear Debi,

You posted just at the right moment. I just finished the second afghan so i have more time on my hands now.
How great it is to see you in blogger "land". Your knitting is fabulous. I love the socks you knitted.
And my finger is all better now, thank goodness.
If you ever need any help with blogger just call out my name and i'll help you out.

Love Ada

ada said...

Hi Debi,
Just another short message to let you now that my URL has changed.

Nickerjac said...

nice to see another ample knitter online. Love the socks

Anonymous said...

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