Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Always late to the dance but glad I finally came!

Having recently joined the blog world I've had some amazing revelations and experiences!

First of all, I feel like a clueless knuklehead when it comes to this HTML stuff but to quote the author of a blog I love "It's all part of the process" (thanks Margene!) I'm learning and I feel like new parts of my brain are in use! Have no fear, I'm not planning a new career in IT but I'm really enjoying this learning process and isn't that what zen is all about?

Secondly people have been so nice and complimentary! Strangers I don't "know" and have never seen while surfing around the knitting blogs have dropped by and paid me such lovely compliments! I know it sounds corny but I feel a real sense of belonging and companionship and I'm very appreciative. Of course they were all probably sucked in by Pumpkin's dashing good looks :)

I wasn't sure I was the blogging type, but I'm really glad I gave it a try! So thanks for all the offers of help, compliments and camaraderie!

And please come back! Hehehe....

Now because he is irresistible I give you the P man....


ada said...

Debi, you need to change the color of your text. I can't read

Love Ada

jayme896346 said...

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