Thursday, April 21, 2005

By request of my favorite online vendor....

I present Ribby Cardi!! This is a Chanukah gift for Mom. I think she'll love it! Isn't the zipper pretty, Judy?


Peruvian Highland Wool from in Harvest Heather and Coffee Bean.

Pattern from Bonne Marie at

Custom length zipper from

This took me 2 months from cast on to closet and the pattern was a dream! In fact I loved it so nice I'm making it twice! I plan to make one for Dad for Chanukah too in Redwood Peruvian Highland Wool...I *heart* this yarn, can you tell?

Next up (hi again Judy!!) my "manly" version of the entrelac socks. These are Cammo Lorna's Laces which is actually the color used in the magazine and which originally caught my eye. I made em for my oldest friend, Augie.....he's not the oldest in years, we have just known each other since we were 8! Of course, he wont wear the socks because he doesn't want to "ruin" them but his dysfunction is a whole 'nuther post, heheh...

On the subject of favorite online vendors/enablers/yarn pimps (heheh) Judy from totally ROCKS!! She is wonderful from a professional/business standpoint but she has also become a special friend, especially recently when I lost my precious Jaxon. Go visit her and buy some yarn, it feels so good and shipping is FREE! Her hubby Chris is great too!!

Two posts in one day, who woulda thunk it??

Knit on everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Zipper! Your mom will love her sweater. The entrelac socks are high on my to do list. They really make good used of variegated yarns. Give some extra pets to Pumpkin and Micki. Fluff, Oscar and Max say "hi".