Thursday, April 14, 2005

Finished but no pics :(

I finished putting the Ribby Cardi together, the zipper came out wonderfully!! I'm really happy with the finished product and I think Mom will be too. I hope it's a good fit because it's very stretchy.

I did re-wash the sweater again once it was completely assembled with collar, front facings and zipper, it's drying on my blocking board now!

Unfortunately there seems to be some sort of FUBAR between Blogger and AOL. I keep getting an error message when I try to post a pic with text. I sent a help ticket to Blogger asking for guidance so I'll wait to hear from them before I post pics of the Ribby.

I started Caryl's kerchief...what a fun knit!! I got the kit from Foxy Knits in Beverly Hills and the koigu Mary picked for me is so pretty!! Very autumn-y with greens, burnt oranges and reds with gold beads for the border. This is gonna be a gift for my SIL and I think she'll love it! I can see many more of these scarves in my future, both with koigu and other sock type yarn......I already plan to use the single skeins of Socks that Rock that Toni from The Fold sent me, I just have to pick some beads that will match the Pebbles and the Heartstone colorways. Lucky me, a new beading store just opened on University Drive **this close** to my house!! Or maybe unlucky me, hehe....

I have some Xmas gift socks on the needles as well but they will be a secret because I know the recipient will be reading this :)

Next up: Start the Ribby Cardi for Dad for Chanukah and start the Father's Day socks in Regia many knitting dreams, not enough time!!

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claudia said...

Hi Debi!

Gosh, I haven't even thought about blocking Birch yet. Hmmm. I'll probably try a nice cold soak, spin out and pin to the blocking towel. Thanks for sharing your experiences -- very helpful.