Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Drunk with power!!!

I spent most of today learning HTML and my brain totally hurts but I am TOTALLY getting it...and I'm heady with the flush of success, LOL!! Funny how mastering a new task brings on such joy! I wonder if balancing my checkbook would make me feel as good? hehe.....

Of course much thanks go to my personal web design instuctors...A big, jiggly kiss for you, Rob, for getting things started and a HUGE hug and a giggle for you Ada, your help was awesome!! Thank you both!!

And because this really is a *knitting blog* now, here's a knitting post of some socks I recently finished for one of my professors. My grad school knitting is usually socks and I was knitting the Daffodil entrelac socks during her lecture. During the break she asked me "do people actually wear those outside of the house?" She wasn't being nasty, she's just kind of conservative and the Daffodil socks are definately eye catchers! Later on she came back to me to apologize, that she did like the socks, but she would never wear something so "loud". So I asked her what socks she would wear...she said "solid turquoise" but being the rebel that I am I went with solid turquoise alright, but threw in lots of lace! I'll get Dr. G to expand her horizions yet!!

Specs: Brown Sheep Wildfoote fingering weight sock yarn in Temple Turquoise and Evelyn Clark's Leaf Lace sock pattern for Fiber Trends. I didn't love the Wildfoote, it was splitty and twisty but solid turquoise fingering weight yarn was hard to find! I used Wildfoote for my Sockapalooza Pal socks too and once I use what's in my stash, I'm done with Wildfoote...with all the gorgeous sock yarns out there, who needs to wrestle every stitch? Funny because I ADORE Naturespun Sport which is made by Brown Sheep too. Ok, here are the socks, finally!


jayme896346 said...

hey deb!
how are u?
me i'm great.
anyway i hope we become good friends.
i love the pics of ur cat and of these socks.
i always wanted to learn how to knit but never have learned yet.


savannahchik said...

great socks and i love the story behind them. even though the yarn didn't behave at least you got a good pair of socks out of it!

ada said...

You make me blush over here!!