Thursday, April 21, 2005

Getting the hang of it!

I'm finally able to post pics and since the previous pic of Pumpkin was so tiny, here he is again!

Pumpkin is a 9 month old Exotic Shorthair. Exotics are like Persians in every way except they have short hair!

I love the look of the Persian type cats...the round, flat face and huge round eyes, the short "cobby" bodies and the sweet dispositions but having had 4 Persians and Himalayans previously, all that hair can be overwheming! Especially here in Florida! In fact, I would have my boys "shaved" every three months....expensive and traumatic!! And I've had cats (well just one, really) that absolutely HATED being brushed so shaving was the only option!

So, I had heard of the Exotic breed but in truth, Pumpkin was the first Exotic I ever saw in the flesh (or should I say fur?) And he's just the perfect lil boy! He has all the wonderful traits of Persians and his coat is thick and dense and mat free!! God bless Mendel and those drosophlia!! But of course, Murphy's Law being what it is, Pumpkin who really doesn't *need* brushing, LOVES to be brushed!And obviously, he's quite the handsome lad, n'est ce pas? He's really sweet and mellow and very affectionate too!

I miss my beloved Jaxon every single day like a physical ache but Pumpkin does make my heart smile!

And because this is a knitting blog and the previously posted sock pics were equally miniscule and crappy, here's a repost of Mom's entrelac socks. The pattern is from Knitter's Fall 2004 I believe. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Daffodil and this was my first attempt at entrelac....this pattern is REALLY FUN!! I did make a few changes: I made 2 less tiers on both the leg and the foot but otherwise the pattern was great and I just love how these turned out!