Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's almost that time again!

I want to thank everyone for the compliments on my Mock Pockets "Twin Set". It was a fun, quick, versatile knit that I highly recommend for some quick summer knit gratification!

I'd also like to thank everyone for the compliments on the new camera and toss out my dilemma to see if anyone out there in Knitbloglandia has any suggestions....

I've gotten feedback that the new pics are "crystal clear" and MUCH improved over the old camera. Here's the dilemma....when I upload the pics from the camera to my photo software, the pics are indeed, crystal clear. When I crop or fine tune the pics, again via my software program, pics are crystal clear. I usually use HELLO to upload my pics to the blog and the pics are again, crystal clear. Yet once the pics are uploaded and I view my blog, the pics are horribly blurry!!

I use AOL as my ISP (you can stop your hysterical laughter and/or shrieks of terror!) and when I view my blog via AOL or Internet Explorer, nothing but blurry, fuzzy pics!!! Any suggestions???

As my header says, It's almost that time again!! What time you ask?

June 10, 2006 is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!!!!!

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So get out there and SHOW YOUR STICKS on June 10th by KIP'ing and share your passion with knitters around the world!!

Now what will I be KIP'ing when June 10 rolls around?
I'll be using this:

Rowan All Season's Cotton in Framboise

To knit this:

Hubba, Hubba!! Isn't she a stunner?

It's the Cabled Shell from the Adrienne Vittadini Spring 2006 collection! I can't wait to get started! So join me for WW KIP Day won't you?

Since June 10th is right around the corner (yikes, hurricane season AGAIN! Please PRAY!!!)and I don't want to start another large project in the interim I'll be knitting socks and crocheting Carnival Afghan Medallions until the big WWKIP Day arrives!

I leave you with another arty pic of the handsome P-Man. He looks like he's soaking up the last of the dappled sunlight. Look at his cool shadow! What a stud muffin!

Have a great weekend that's dry and full of stitches!


Beth said...

The only photo thing I can think of is I'm wondering if you use an accelerrated version of AOHell maybe? MSN has one, PeoplePC does... it helps pages load faster by loading lower resolutions of the photos. Other than that, I'm outta ideas, hun.

That tank is beautiful - can't wait to see progress photos. And you know - they'll be crystal clear on my screen. :)

Marguerite said...

I have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) dial up connection and use Internet Explorer. Your pictures couldn't be clearer and they don't take long to load. (Those of us still on dial up really notice pictures that take a long time to load.)

Agnes said...

I am not sure if it has anything to do with this, but you can check the resolution setting of your camera. I usually set it to the highest ... the files would be bigger (therefore the capacity of the card storing the pics would be affected) but the pictures would be of better quality.
I've marked my calendar for June 10 already! Yay!

Carole Knits said...

that tank is beautiful! Here's to KIPing.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like AOL is handling some downsizing of the photo. You want to do all of that yourself with your software and add the image to your blog as close to the size you need as possible. When I am doing blog photos, I shoot 640 x 480, even though I am a pretty experienced photographer with lots of DSLR equipment. More resolution is just a chance for something to get messed up.

Your photos are looking great. I have a Panaosonic in my stock as well and love it to death!

Anonymous said...

Your pics are crystal clear to me here on my IE driver.
Cute pic of the P-Man today...well they are ALL cute but I like the face in the sun thing that cats do. :)

Anonymous said...

the pics look really clear here. beth's suggestion sounds the most logical to me since we're all seeing great pics.

i LOVE that AV tank you picked. and p-man is looking so suave in the fading sunlight.

Alison said...

Pictures are clear here, too.

That shell is gorgeous!

Suzanne said...

Ohh, the vitadinni! I would make that too! stunning....and it looks like the ASC that you have is the same color as P-man!

Lolly said...

That Vitadinni is really gorgoues, D! That will be a stunner ;)

Anonymous said...

That shell pattern is a stunner (along with P man). Can't wait to see it. As for KIP - why wait until June 10th? I knit in public all the time. But maybe the official day will bring others out of the woodwork. I've made some great knitting friends when I see parents in our dental practice knitting while waiting for their kids.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

margene said...

The cabled top is fabulous! I covet it! I KIP EVERY DAY!! ;-)

Carol said...

The new sweater is gonna be somethin' else! Can't wait to see it. Are we going to see you tomorrow in CS? Smooches to P-Man!

KatieLiz said...

Your pictures look good on both AOL and IE stand alone for me.

On AOL, make sure your preferences aren't set to compress graphics (this would only affect the way YOU see your pictures, not anyone else).

If you're using AOL 9.0, click onthe Settings icon at the top of your screen, Then click on Internet [Web] Options under the letter I.

Next, click on the AOL Browser tab and check "Never compress graphics."

Then, in the same window, under Topspeed, if "Stoer Web pages I view on AOL" is checked, click on the "Clear Storage" button. When that's done, if you're not using a dial up connection, check "Do not store Web pages" and then click the Apply button, then the OK button.

Hope that helps.

Jen said...

I use Firefox for my main browser, and your pictures look fuzzy to my taste in there. Straight edges aren't crisp looking, and everything looks like they used that soft-focus they use on the leading lady in all the old romantic movies.

Took a look in IE as well, same thing.

My ISP is TDS Internet's DSL, so it's not an ISP bandwidth thing.

I find that many of the picture uploaders online compress the images on you after they have been uploaded. Check around for settings about compression and image storage to see if something will change it.

Wish I could help you more with how to fix it, but I don't have any experience with that. I store my photos on my own domain, and I use a third-party offline editor for Blogger that gives me complete control over how those pictures are presented.

FWIW, aside from the fuzz factor you're taking nice photos!

Anonymous said...

The more I look at that shell, the more beautiful it gets. It'll be stunning!

Give P-man love for me. Tony got the job, but we had a very high price to pay. I can't bring myself to talk about it here in your comments, so if you have a chance, go visit JenLa and you'll see what I'm talking about.

In the meantime, the crumpled weeping mass in the corner? Yeah, that's me...

Leslie said...

Pictures are fine and clear on IE here on my dial up in the woods. The only blurry thing I have is your FKD button.

I'm with Margene - I knit in public already - usually at lunch at work but I've been known to knit in the doc's waiting room, the RMV, etc. The bag's always with me.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look fine to me. Sorry, I'm no help. The fact that I ever learned how to post a picture on my blog is a complete miracle of God.

I love, love, love that picture of Pumpkin. What a cutie pie!

Norah said...

The photos look clear to me. I'm using the Safari browser and have a Mac and a DSL modem (but one of the slower ones.).

That's a fabulous tank top!!

Terri said...

I am sure the cabled shell will be lovely, especially with the Rowan yarn you have selected. I can't wait to see the finished product. As always, P-man is quite handsome. Happy knitting!

Knittinreed said...

Your projects look exciting! I love the yarn and the Pman.

Today's pictures look fuzzy to me too. I don't know what the Hello program is - I just upload directly from my files on my computer to blogger. I hope you get it figured out to your satisfaction.

Lorette said...

My guess is that it might be the picture-uploader thing. I wonder if they have a setting to upload a less compressed photo. It would take more space, but might be sharper. And that is the extent of what I know about jpg's, etc.
I love that Vittadini. I keep looking at those patterns and have never tried one. I just might have to.
And I already knit in public too, though I have the day marked on the calendar.