Thursday, October 06, 2005

Two by two by two....

Well I'm finally back.....miss me?

Where have I been, you ask? Well, in the last TWO weeks I have -

Had TWO hard drives bite the dust !!

Finished TWO current projects

Started TWO new WIPs

Are you sensing a pattern here :)

About the hard make a long and painful story short -- NEVER BUY A GATEWAY!!!!!

I think ::::fingers crossed:::: I have things under control now and should be able to resume my place among the virtual world once again!

Now on to more pleasant works in progress!

First we have Ribby Cardi, the manly version. This is my second Ribby, the first having been completed last spring as a very early Chanukah gift for my Mom. This one is the Dad version....yes, the 'rents will be "The Family Ribby" this holiday season, hehe......

This one is Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann in color Redwood. I've completed the back and have started working on both fronts simultaneously.

For my second WIP I wanted something a bit more portable. This is the Ocean Lace Stole from Just One More Row. It's a very simple lace pattern done in baby loop mohair. The yarn is a royal pain to work with but the colorway is just gorgeous! It's hard to tell in the pic but it's a lovely teal blue, violet and kelly green. This is a gift for a special friend and (dare I say it?) the completion of my holiday knitting for 2005!! YAY!!!

The finished objects over the last 2 weeks consisted of two pairs of socks. The first are the pair I designed myself. These are my very first toe up socks and I used the previously mentioned Turkish Cast-On. These are for a friend who is quite tall as well as *fluffy* so these will fit a size 12 (!) and a very full calf and ankle. They have a pretty chevron lace panel down the front of the entire sock and 3 additional lace panels were added to increase the circumference of the ankle/calf. The stitch count could easily be adjusted to fit smaller or fluffier feet so if there is an interest, I will write up the pattern. Edit: The original pic I posted of these socks was so horrible, I waited for a bit of sunshine and tried again !

Have you ever heard the story of the shoemakers children who went barefoot? Well up until now, I was " barefoot" as this avid sock knitter NEVER knit socks for herself !! Now, all that has changed and I give you the first ever self knit Fluffy Knitter Deb socks........

TA DA!!!

These were knit in the pretty Sockotta given to me by Agnes for my birthday and I must say It's about time and I will be knitting lots more in the future!!! Pretty nice short row heels there, hmmmm? I love these beautiful socks, thanks again Auntie Agnes!

Keeping in the theme of TWO, here is the P-Man engaging in one of his favorite pastimes....sitting on my bedroom window sill, gazing serenely at the world below ( I live on the fifth and top floor)

And view number TWO

TWO times the cuteness :)

It's good to be back! I hope it sticks.....


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see what that Sockotta looked like knitted up - very pretty! Perfect happy colors for fall.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wondered what happened to you. Welcome back to blogland! Good to see you've been busy in absentia. Sometimes I wonder if I'd get more done if I didn't spend so much time on the computer! Dorothy (Missouri Star)

Agnes said...

What a bummer the hard drive has been! Glad to know that things are under control.
Oh my ... I can believe that you've never knitted socks for yourself before! But this shows the generous and giving side of your character. Happy to know that you don't have to be barefoot anymore ... LOL! Love the Sockatta colourway.
I wonder what Pumpkin was thinking about!

Agnes said...

Oops ... I wanted to say "I can't believe ..." :P

Ada said...

That cardi for your dad is coming along nice. And i'm sure glad that you finally knitted a pair of socks for yourself!!
Glad you're back
Love Ada

Alison said...

Glad you're back! I've had hard drive failure before. Not fun. The stole is pretty and the sweater is coming along nicely!

Anonymous said...

We hope so too! It's great to have you back and to see your knitting;-)

Anonymous said...


Glad you're back! You'll be happy to know I've yionked both your sock patterns. Got 3 young boys to knit SOMETHING for for Christmas, and parents who practically drooled over the Roman Sux.


Sharlene said...

Oh my goodness, my deepest sympathies on the hard drives. I can so relate. I had a couple of them go out on me last year. What a nightmare. Mine were both Seagate drives though. Glad to have you back amongst the blogging! :)

Yvonne said...

Hi Debi - Your projects are wonderful. Love the Chevron lace socks & would be one very happy knitter if you'd post the pattern!

snowballinhell said...

I wondered where you'd gotten away to. I'm glad to know you and Pumpkin are doing well. Looks like you've been doing a whole lot of lovely knitting while you were gone!

Anonymous said...

What a great color for your ribby. Looking forward to seeing it all done.

Gateway tends to use Maxtor hard drives which are about the best out there -- at least that's what both our Gateways came with.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered what happened to ya! I love the colors on the lace project. That is beautiful.

Hugs to P-Man. He's such a cutie!

Suzanne said...

Hard drive bad. Pumpkin good!

Love the two new socks and I LOVE my new socks, hoping within the month I will get to wear them. It is still too hot to wear real shoes in VA--I am still wearing my pink platform flip-flops.

Enjay said...

You also have a beautiful Kitty.
I also don't have any self knit socks, what's up with that? oh, yeah, the ones i've knit have been purloined by the male unit who lives here. Even the pretty tequilla sunrise colored ones.

claudia said...

That Redwood color is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Two busted hard drives? Ouch that hurts!


Lorette said...

Eek, two dead hard drives? I think I'd go nuts.
That kitty's face never fails to make me smile...what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

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