Thursday, May 12, 2005


I just found out about this from my dear friend Ada and I'm so excited!!

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I hope this is a rousing success around the world!

Imagine knitter's across the globe sharing a craft that knows no color, no race, no wars, no gender, no boundaries!! Let's ALL KIP on June 11!!

Now what I hope to be KIP'ing is this:

I just fell in love with this sweater! I bought the Adrienne Vittadini Spring 2005 pattern booklet on line because I saw another shell that I found intriguing but when the booket arrived I rethought my first *crush*. The original shell I was intrigued by was heavily textured with a twist (knotted) front and I am not sure how this would look on a *fluffy* girl like me. Enter the Shaped Top ! Now this is me :) And I have just the periwinkle (Ravish) All Season's Cotton in the stash to do it with!! YAY! summer knits....anyone care to join me?

One thing I really like about AV designs is that she always includes *real* sizes in all her patterns! Most of her designs go from XS or Petite to XL/1X/2X and go up to a 48" - 52" bust which is great news for a fluffy knitter like me! And the few designs that don't are relatively easy to upsize. Unlike Vogue and Rowan who consider an XL a 40" bust!!!!! ON WHAT PLANET???? Hello, the *average* woman is a size 14!! Yeah, yeah a sore spot for me....but I'll save that rant for another post :)

Pumpkin update: unfortunately we are still with cone :( He was doing great before the Vet visit and the Vet confirmed the ulcer is healed!! YAY! But when we got home, he started rubbing his eye like crazy!! I think the stuff the Vet uses to illuminate the ulcer irritates him and frankly, I don't think the Vet washed it out throughly enough! So to avoid re-living the last SEVEN weeks all over again, I put his cone back on, gave him some eye drops to soothe him and wash out his eye a bit and will continue with the antibiotic ointment twice a day until Saturday. I will also keep his cone on for another week without meds just to be safe and sure that everything is all healed! Needless to say, I will be finding another Vet!! I just wish Pumpkin didn't have to suffer all this, he just so sweet and loving, even through this!! See....

Poor lil guy!! Maybe some *chicken* will help!

Happy knitting!!


ada said...

Great sweater you've found there. Love the pattern!!
I'm spreading the word already about the KIP.

Anonymous said...

dude, I suck.

Truck Face refers to a stray cat we once took in when I was a kid. My brothers took one look at him and named him "Truck Face". It's a fond memory, and a term of endearment.


Kris said...

I'm spreading the word about KIP! Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Meow, baby. I think you're a hottie, even with the silly plastic collar!


Knittykim said...

well, pumpkin, perhaps it is a new fashion trend. I have seen women from Parkland and Boca sporting plastic jewelry, so you are right on the pulse of today!!

Check out the Meetup site. I posted an event for 6/11!!

Perhaps you could bring the pattern book with you on Thursday??? I would LOVE to see it

Teresa said...

Poor little Pumpkin! He looks so pitiful in his little collar. *Thinking healthy kitty wishes*

Ida said...

Ohhh, poor Pumpkin looks so unhappy. Handsome, but unhappy.

Joan said...

Poor kitty. One of ours had a collar on one time to and she was not very happy. And I certainly will participate in World Kip Day and spread the word.

Rabbitch said...

This is clearly a cat who needs to be spoon-fed gravy until he feels better. (This advice channeled from my personal furry gravypig who would likely kill anyone who put a cone on her.)

Brooks said...

Oh, poor little Pumpkin! And I *so* get your point about 'real' sizing in knitting patterns--I get so irritated picking out a pattern for myself and either having to knit the Large or XL size, or having to size it up because there are no instructions for ME (and I'm regularly a size 12)!!!!

Anonymous said...

KIP day! Cool, I will do it!! How are you Debi? Just wanted to drop by & say hello. I went to my first Fiber Fest in Greencastle, IN last month. It was a great experience even though I'm sure it wasn't one of the biggest.
Donna S.

jayme896346 said...

hey deb! how u been? me i have been good but i can't wait till school lets out so i can permanately work at the store full time until i have to go to band camp for marching band in highschool after this year goes by. boy we had our concert tonight and we did excellent! our teacher and parents and friends were so proud of us that they all gave us hugs and thanked us. anyway i can't wait till we see the new freshman coming up out of the middleschool and see how they do in band. i have some friends in the middleschool band from 6th-8th grade. they are all so good and nice and cool and talented.

love always,

Teresa C said...

Ahh, kitty issues. Been there this week. That is a cute cat. My neighbor has three of that breed (she lost one last month). Is your kitty shy and skittish? I just wonder if it is typical of the breed. I have had only free cats from neighbors and shelters, mutts of the cat world.

That AV tank is so adorable. I can't wait to see it started.

Anonymous said...

I will be there I will have to dig out my needles, my personal passion is crocheting but I did see a beautiful blouse I want to make so this will get me started. KNITTING NEEDLES UNIT JUNE 11th