Friday, May 27, 2005

New WIP and a questionnaire

I still can't decide what color to choose for my Shaped Top that I plan to knit on World Wide KIP day but I did start a new WIP.

This is a sock of my own design...well actually I picked out a pleasing stitch from one of Barbara Walker's Stitch Treasuries and plugged it into to my standard sock formula.

I wanted something *manly* as I find it rather hard to find patterns that meet manly approval yet have some interest. I think these fit the bill, especially in these robust colors (can't you just feel the testosterone? hehe)

This is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Camouflage for the body and Cedar for the contrasting ribbing, heels and toes. I absolutely LOVE this yarn! It's so soft and so easy to knit! These will be a gift for a special friend and I'm sure he'll love them too!

And now for the questionnaire portion of our broadcast. Secret Pal 5 is about to begin and it is suggested that the participants answer some question so their secret pal can get to know them a little better, so here goes....

1- Are you are yarn snob? Most definitely!! Yes, acrylic has it's place (like for kids) I hate working with 100% cotton but a cotton/microfiber/acrylic blend rocks my world. I prefer natural fibers. No Red Heart or Lion Brand for me, thanks!

2- Do you spin? Crochet? I don't spin and have no interest in learning. I can crochet but only do to accessorize my exclusive crochet projects.

3- Do you have any allergies (smoke, pets, fibers, perfumes, ect.) Smoke makes me ill and some perfumes too. I don't know that I'm officially allergic to alpaca but I feel uncomfortable around it and my hands itch and feel all prickly.

4- How long have you been knitting? I learned about 30 years ago when I was 8 and knit thru college but stopped for 15 years. I came back to the fold just about 3 years ago and have pretty much knit every day since!

5- Do you have an Amazon or any other online wish list? I have an Amazon Wish List and both Judy at or Mary at The Knitting Zone know me well enough to tell you what I like :)

6- What is your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, ect.) I love the smell of limes and lemons! Fresh, clean scents like linen or cotton, juniper or sweet pea.

7- Do you have a sweet tooth? Now you don't think I became a *fluffy* knitter on Slim Fast, did ya?

8- What other crafts or do-it-yourself things do you enjoy? I used to do counted cross stitch and needlepoint but now I devote my time to knitting.

9- What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3's? Pretty eclectic musical tastes here. I like hip hop and dance and 80's. Right now listening to the Clash, Dido and the Cranberries...I said eclectic, didn't I?

10- What is your favorite color? Or do you have a favorite color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand? My favorite color is green to look at but I cannot wear it!! Fav to wear is pink, red, cool blues and grays and I find myself strangely drawn to orange these days. My official season is Spring but I prefer the more vibrant palette of Winter. I HATE brown, beige, tan ect. at least on me!!

11- What is your living situation? Any pets? I live with my two cats, Mickie and Pumpkin - altho Mickie is quite ill and is probably headed for the big kitty litter box in the sky soon :(

12- What is your life's dream? To visit Australia and Holland.

13- What is your favorite yarn to knit with? Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool and Naturespun Sport for wool, Calmer and All Seasons Cotton for cellulose fibers.

14- What fibers do you absolutely NOT like? anything coarse and scratchy. I know this is blasphemy but I'm not a big Kureyon fan, I like my wool without "things" in it and I don't care for alpaca. Pure cotton at any gauge larger than fingering hurts my wrists if I knit for any length of time.

15- What is/are your current knitting obsessions? Lace Lace and more Lace!!

16- What is/are your favorite items to knit? Socks, Shawls whatever attracts me really. Don't care for fairisle (too hot for Florida) or intarsia (too fussy).

17- What are you knitting right now? The socks pictured above and a beautiful Faroese shawl in fingering weight cotton.

18- What do you think about ponchos? ICK!! Altho I knit one for my Mom cause she asked me to.

19- Do you prefer circular or straight? Circs all the way!! DPN's for socks tho...I don't like socks on circs or magic loop.

20- Bamboo, plastic, metal? I'm a total needle freak and have a LOT of needles but what I use depends on the project. I will usually swatch with more than one type (crystal palace/addi natura bamboo, Denise plastic and addi turbo metal) and choose the one that feels right and gives me the best gauge/fabric.

21- Are you a sock knitter? IN A BIG WAY!!! I always have a sock on the needles, it's my staple grad school knitting :)

22- How did you learn to knit? My mom taught me.

23- How old is your oldest UFO? I don't have any....

24- What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal? I used to love Ren and Stimpy. I love the Velveteen Rabbit and have one on my dresser.

25- What is your favorite holiday? Easter, Halloween and Christmas/Chanukah/Kwaanza

26- Is there anything you collect? Crystals...the rock kind, not the Waterford kind but I am very open to starting that....hehe...I have some cat figurines and frog figurines....oh and YARN!!!

27- What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? Cast-On, Interweave Knits and Knitter's....and I'm a Rowanette.

28 - Any books out there that you are dying to get your hands on? The DaVinci Code...yes I am the only one who hasn't read it yet! As knitting books go, I'd love the Sally Mellville books.

So enough about me!! Have a great weekend and great holiday for those that celebrate!

Hopefully a finished shawl and lots of Pumpkin next week!!


margene said...

Now I remember why I read you through Bloglines and don't come to comment. (I can't see the dark print on your dark back ground) have to remember I'm old.;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, this is your Secret Pal. I've found you! I've read your questionaire and I'm ready to get rolling. I hope that you're ready to be s.p.o.i.l.e.d.(.)


(P.S. I'm glad you're a DPN girl, I made you a present before I knew who you were that wouldn't work for a circs only knitter.)