Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Excuses, excuses, E is for EXCUSES

Hi everyone, remember me? I'm the girl from Florida with the really cute cat who used to post regularly.....does it ring a bell? :)

I really do have a good excuse tho.

As tired as I am of dancing this dance yet again I'm still having those pesky lil computer problems....it's no biggie really, I'm just awaiting the third motherboard replacement in a 15 month old computer!!! Good old Gateway - I guess I was lucky to have a 9 month reprieve from their shenanigans.

So my beloved old Bessie (my 8 year old laptop) and I are limping along but she has this little flaw that makes typing up a post a long and arduous task......her cursor jumps all over without warning and deletes entire sentences paragraphs posts just as fast as I can type them! It's a nightmare!

So that's my Excuse and I'm stickin' to it!

I have been knitting so I'll muddle thru to fill you in on what's doing here at Chez Fluffy...

First up.....Socks - shocking, I know :)

I call these my Remembering Gigi socks

Some of you might know that the knitting community lost one of it's own a few weeks ago. Gigi Silva, aka Momma Monkey sadly lost her battle with Lupus.

Gigi was a generous, talented and prolific sock knitter and shared many beautiful sock patterns thru her Socktopia site. As a tribute to this wonderful women the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry added her patterns for our February Sockdown Challenge.

I chose to honor Gigi's memory by knitting her Fawkes pattern in her favorite color, orange.


pattern: Fawkes by Gigi Silva

yarn: 2 skeins Claudia's Handpainted in Blue Terra Cotta

Magic Loop, 32" Harmony Circ, US#1.5 (2.5 mm)

Mods: The February Sockdown Challenge was to knit a heel that was "new to me". This sock had a band heel which was new to me but in addition I carried the pattern down the heel flap so the sock will look extra snazzy with clogs!

These were a fun yet bittersweet knit. I highly recommend any of Gigi's patterns but haven't linked to them because while her family grieves for their enormous loss, they have shut down her website. They are working with some of Gigi's friends to make all her patterns available at no cost to the knitters Gigi loved so look for that in the future...and knit an orange (or purple, the color for Lupus support) sock and raise a needle for Gigi.

And now for something completely different - orange socks!!

Posh Monkeys with Garter Stitch Heel

A few years back, this amazing yarn was a gift all the way from England from my sweet friend Emma. My Mom happened to be visiting when the package arrived and claimed this stunning yarn for her own! Who could blame her? It's a rich, juicy coral, orange and red with a touch of violet and it's cashmere!


pattern: Monkeys by Cookie A.

yarn: Posh Lucia in the Enchanting colorway

Magic Loop, 32" US #0 (2.0mm) nickel circ

mods: The cashmere in the yarn made for less stretch and memory than plain merino so I opted for a 2x2 rib rather than the twisted rib suggested in the pattern. I had always wanted to try a garter stitch heel and the time finally arrived. Here's the close-up complete with previously unnoticed giant Pumpkin hair!

I added my standard mini-flap and gusset and the heel was so fun to do. Plus it makes a very cushy fabric. The yarn bloomed wonderfully when washed and is so so soft.

In truth, I gave these to my Mom yesterday cause she's off to visit the bro in chilly San Francisco and she says these are the best fitting socks she's ever had - woot!

I've been working on the Teal Lindissima Vest and it's coming out really pretty but I'll save that for next time, plus I need y'all to help me choose some buttons!

I of course, started some new socks....

The tried and true, old standby Pretty Comfy Socks

My non-knitter cousin went into her LYS and asked for "sock yarn" as a gift for me and the owner handed her 2 balls of Cascade Fixation and told her "this is the most popular sock yarn, everyone is using it!" Um, really?? So I'm knitting my cousin some socks from this most popular sock yarn*snark* They are kinda cute tho :)

Speaking of cute, how's this....

Is that the look of pure bliss or what? :)

Now I'm not making Excuses but I have an appt. for the mother board installation next Wednesday so I'll be back as soon as I can.

Til then, knit on!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear you really do seem to have more than your fair share of computer woes :-(

Hope things improve soon

alt.ayu said...

ack i hope your computer problems get fixed soon; it sounds terrible~~ :S

Beautiful socks there too ~! :) Haha and I'm also knitting socks from fixation except i haven't been knitting as hard as I should recently (yes excuses too. :S)

P-man is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! he's got himself a scratcher! (I should get my cat one too. she'll love it)

Leslie said...

So sorry to hear the computer thing has struck again - doesn't it know Fluffy Households are supposed to be exempt from this sort of problem???

Knails are lookin' good as are the lovely socks.

Scritches to P-man (and you) from Perry P and me.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I just give you so much credit for not stamping your feet and having a tantrum about the computer - you have great patience! Beautiful socks and Kitty Bliss!

Carole Knits said...

The socks in Gigi's memory are a wonderful tribute to her. I'm sorry you're having computer issues again. And that photo of Pumpkin is priceless!

Dorothy said...

Are you sure you didn't do something bad to a computer in another life? You have the worst computer karma I've ever seen! Well, it's good to have you back ever so briefly. The Fawkes socks are wonderful. I had read about Gigi's passing on Ravelry. I never "knew" her, but have seen her wonderful sock patterns. Isn't it funny how we've come to "know" people through blogging that we've never actually met?

Nana Sadie said...

I did not realize that Gigi had Lupus! Oh my. It can be a very challenging disease...
Your socks are terrific, but that is one gorgeous photo of P-man. I have missed him.
(and you, too, of course! *wink*)
Now...I hope you can beat that motherboard into submission! We do miss you a lot!

Siercia said...

Lovely socks, all of them! Now, I love me some Cascade Fixation, but NOT for socks! That yarn store lady was a little out of touch, perhaps? At least it's a pretty color.

A suggestion for the laptop cursor issue - if it has a touchpad for a mouse, make sure it's not set to have touch pad tapping enabled as mouse-clicking. When you have that turned on, if your thumbs, or the heel of your hand taps the mousepad, it will do just what you described, and it is infuriating. Assuming you have the right drivers installed, it'll be a setting under Control Panel / Mouse.

Siercia said...

And also, THANK YOU for the close-up pic of your flap and short row heel. I've been seriously stumped by the whole concept of a gusset and short row heel together, and now I totally see how it works. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Both pairs of socks look lovely and I think the Fawkes socks are the perfect tribute to a talented designer.
Good luck with the new motherboard!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, those socks for your mom are just marvelous! Love that garter heel.

What a PAIN about the computer. I'd be throwing a hissy fit, I'll tell you!!!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you - glad to hear you're ok other than the annoying computer problems!

Your socks are beautiful, I really like the short-row heel with the garter stitch, must try that! =)

Madge said...

Missed you, too, hon. Thumbs up for beautiful sox, thumbs down for computer woes. Hope they finally end soon.

So sorry to hear about Gigi. I want to knit her Kaylee pattern, and was wondering why it was no longer available. Sad to know that that's the reason why. Your Fawkes are a lovely tribute.

Oh, that photo of P-Man is too much. Utter bliss, yes? Yes! *scritches*

Cookie said...

What wonderful socks with lovely stories behind them. I never realize that they were still making that Cascade yarn. *L*

I hope the computer stuff can be sorted out. Love your little man.

Anonymous said...

lol...cascade fixation...that cracks me up

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for rogue Pumpkin hair -- I wouldn't know what to think it half of my knitting weren't made up of dog hair. heheh

Lovely socks.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Your Excuses are absolutely accepted, Debi, especially when you serve up a picture of one happy cat!

Bad Gateway. Bad!

Fabulous footwear though. You're even making the best out of the Fixation which, I do admit to still having in my stash.

Carol said...

Beautiful socks, beautiful tribute. Sweet kitty:)

Mary said...

Your socks are great!
I love the colors!!

Your kitty is just lovin it!! So Cute!

Opal said...

I can't believe you're moving in on your *3rd* motherboard. That has to be some kind of record. Let's hope the 3 is the charm.

I adore that picture of the P-Man. Talk about absolute abandon.

I think you're Fawkes socks are a wonderful tribute to a truly talented designer. I'm sad to hear she's gone.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked about Gigi. We're also doing a KAL in tribute to her over in Up With Toes.

Your Fawkes are gorgeous! And I LOVE my Pumpkin-approved socks!

Robin said...

I am making some Monkeys out of some Posh right now. Yours turned out great. I am sure Mom will love them.

WandaWoman said...

Oh you and that poor computer. I'm sorry you're still having computer issues. Hope to see you back online real quick!

Knittinreed said...

Love your socks and P-man too. Sorry about your lemon scented Gateway - mine has been great. I hope you can get it all straightened out.

Jes said...

Ok, firsties - Pman's face is freaking adorable! Love it

Secondies - I cannot BELIEVE that you are dealing with computer problems again. The fact that you don't go postal and blow up the nearest Gateway store/facility is sheer amazement to me. I think you should award your willpower with some yarn. You deserve it!

ps - all the socks are totally hawt and I'm jealous of your focus. All this working out and sleeping is not making my socks grow :/

Heather said...

sorry you are having such computer issues...that just plain stinks! Love the socks and of course.....the kitty!!

Anonymous said...

Knitting the Fawkes was a lovely tribute and you did a really great job on them!

That is a great cat photo!

Anonymous said...

I have been missing in action a lot this winter too, so I'm behind in reading!! Hope your computer behaves now. Do you know where I can get some of the free copies of Gigi's patterns? That is so sad.

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable picture so far. Wouldnt it be wonderful to be as content as a sleeping cat? Just once in my life I would like to have that peacefulness.

I commiserate with your computer problems. Last Friday I downloaded and installed a recommended Microsoft update and now cannot get my computer out of standby mode. I am really thinking about getting a MAC.

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck! Fixation. However, the sock you are knitting with it looks really good. The other two socks -- totally awesome!

And P-man --- does he get any cuter??? Yes, I think he does -- every day cuter and cuter!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture of the P-man evah!

Chilly San Francisco? We have had bright, sunny, 60+ weather for several weeks! It may not be Florida weather, but really.

I hope your computer woes get resolved.

Alison said...

Cute P-man! And gorgeous socks!

Oh, I hope your computer troubles finally work out; you've had more than your share. But at least you have a valid excuse for neglecting the blog. Me, I'm just plain lazy lately :-)

Batty said...

Your Fawkes socks are beautiful, a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. And the Monkeys aren't too shabby either!

P-Man is enjoying his scratch. Look at that blissful expression! That's the life.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

The socks you've been putting out have been beautiful tho. Time away from the computer means "knitting time" ...