Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WTF Wednesday returns and a hard act to follow

Random wtf things that have made me go hmmmm lately or You too can crawl inside FKDeb's head :)

1a - Does Beyonce looking like she's starring in a porn flick make YOU want digital TV?

1b - Can Beyonce BE in any more endorsements?

2- My guilty pleasure shame... I LOVE the Spice Girls and I'm so glad they're back. I even endured that vapid Victoria's Secret Special just to see them. Now that's love, baybee!! Look at how cool they look:

Now and Then

Doesn't it really, really, really make you wanna zigazig ha?

3- This:

That King Herod, always after me Lucky Charms! :)

Shamelessly nicked from this hilarious website

So what random wtf thing makes you go hmm these days??

Onto a bit of the knit....

Thank you all for the rousing response to the Caramel Apple Twisted Flower Socks. Your compliments really made my week! Y'all should knit a pair, they are really fun and I miss them!

The Caramel Apples are a hard act to follow but...cute in their own right, I give you my latest pair...

These are my penultimate pair of gift socks for this year...aren't they a breath of spring to come?


Marigold Socks by Pamela Wynne

Opal Petticoat #1290

Toe-up, Magic Loop 32" circ, US#1 (2.25)

Mods: The socks are written for a wrapped short row toe and heel. I switched to the Turkish cast-on for the toe and a yo short row heel. I also eliminated the ribbed cuff and just did a 5 row garter stitch edge which I feel blends in well with the look of the sock.

This was a very easy and very fun knit. The pattern is impeccable and it produces a really good looking sock. The lace is way simple yet attractive and as I mentioned before, this would be a perfect first toe-up sock adventure for you toe-up virgins out there!

Pumpkin wants to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah and a week that's full of latkes and dreidels (and knitting of course!)

See ya!


Cookie said...

Regarding 1a, thank you! Every time I see that, I wonder if she realizes how she comes across in that ad.

Spice Girls scare me. o.0

Love that P-Man, though!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I'm thinking it's probably a good thing I haven't seen the porn commercial, but I do agree that she's totally pimped herself to the highest bidder - and not in the "pimp my ride" sense. (That should bring in the Google curiosity seekers!)

By the way, I'm in favor of the latkes. Oh, yes!

Teresa C said...

I hate that commercial too. Strange way to advertise direct tv.

Great socks as usual

What is up with the new comment thing? It never remembers me and I have to set up an account (same name, same password) every time. It takes too long!

WandaWoman said...

That Beyonce commercial is really too much. Everytime I see it, it strikes me as odd.

Spice Girls, eh? Hmm, I'm gonna have to leave you with that one.

Norma said...

I agree about the Beyonce commercial..but then again, it's got us all talking, so maybe it can't be all bad. :)

I'm glad you and I are on the same WTF wavelength today. It's been ages since I did a WTF post, and today is the day. Can't deal with the Lucky Charms creche scene. !!!! Tooooo funny.

Carole Knits said...

I can honestly say I've never seen an Irish nativity. You always teach me something, Debi. :-)

Carol said...

Well, top o the holidays to ye! And Happy Chanukah :) Love the new socks! Oh P-Man, he's my spice boy-meOW!

Nana Sadie said...

Not well versed on all those things...and I've never seen an Irish nativity, either!
LOVE the socks, and especially that hunk - the P-Man!

Soulknitting said...

The first time I saw it I couldn't believe that Beyonce would sign off approval on that ad. It's so beneath her I think. I thought of cheap and porn the first time I saw it too.

LOVE the socks. I have some 'jitterbug' that I want to use to make some knee-highs with. I'm currently 'practising' yo shortrow heels because my holes are just toooooooo big. And I'm having a hard time connecting to the other section on ML after finishing the heel and need to start knitting in the round again. Sigh. I hate being a newbie sometimes. LOVE those socks though.

Agnes said...

Every time the Beyonce commercial as well as the J. Lo commercial come on tv, my husband would shake his head and mummbled "ridiculous, ridiculous" ... funny.
I am still very much in love with the petticoat colourway ... so cute ... so pretty!

Anonymous said...

All these pretty socks you're making ... and then GIVING AWAY!!!

You are so amazing, and worthy of all life's blessings! May them come to you this year!

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

As an irish-woman I love that nativity set - so cute!

Opal said...

Beyonce really has pimped herself out hasn't she? I can't turn the TV on these days without seeing her on a commercial. To tell the truth though, I didn't even really know who she was until that point. *hee* I'm so not into pop music.

Totally love that Irish Nativity Scene! Too cute! Just like your new socks. So cheery and just the thing to see on a dreary day like today. :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit the Spice Girls look much better then they once did. Maturity goes a long way.

Cute socks.

Kris said...

Never a Spice Girls fan although I always love seeing clips from their Saturday Night Live performance.

Now... I have to say... thank you, thank you, thank you for linking to that midnight weird blog. I think I'm going to enjoy that as much as

Leslie said...

I always find something interesting on your blog - Leprechaun Nativity; great socks; handsome as hell Pumpkin and then you make me realize how out of touch with the world I am. I wouldn't know Beyonce if she came up and kicked me in the knee - and the spice girls? Other than knowing that one of them is married to Beckham I'm clueless. Yeah - what else is new?? LOL

Happy Chanukah - may all the geldt turn real!

Unknown said...

My WTF? is via Project Runway - there's a commercial that plays featuring a happy family holiday gathering. One of the participants is a stark naked woman. My beef with the commercial is that I'm assuming the people at the table are her relatives, and no one seems bothered by this, and EW!! EW!! EW!! I can deal with the naked woman in the airport commercial, but naked woman in front of Grandpa Otis? Ew!!

And I too have a soft spot for the Spice Girls (I wound up being Ginger Spice for Halloween in 1998! Of course, the other Spice Girls were all being portrayed by some gay guy friends, who got me into the Spice Girls to begin with. It was a fun Halloween :)

pamela wynne said...

oh, Spice Girls! what have we done these years without you?

Love your Marigolds -- they look fabulous with the garter stitch cuff!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm...latkes I think I just gained a pound (or three!)

Happy Chanukah!

Jes said...

Beyonce is on my last nerve. I'm so tired of seeing her in everything. I can't even stand to listen to her anymore.
Love the happy socks! I want spring to come already.
The p-man needs a yamikah (totally not spelling that right!) =)

Anonymous said...

Barbara Walters Most Intriquing People of 2007 makes me go ... WTF????

I'm not a Spice Girl fan either, but asking the Beckhams if their marriage is "forever" is just plain tacky!!!

Loved Herod stealing the Lucky Charms. What a great website. Gave me quite the chuckle!

By the way my word verification on this comment was "shtty" --- WTF????????

Madge said...

See, this is why you need a DVR/Tivo. You just fast forward through all the ads. It's so soothing; no more of that Iwannaripmyeyeballsout feeling at seeing the commercial you hate for the millionth time. My personal bugbear? Carl's Jr. ads. The horrific sexism makes my head spin. Around, that is.

Oh, yeah, where was I? Pretty socks!

Jessica said...

Nice socks! And the P-man is adorable as always. :)

Terri said...

I agree, that Beyonce commercial is something else... I now feel kind of nasty if I let the words up grade come out of my mouth.

The new socks are lovely, and they do look like the first burst of spring. I like what you did with the cuff - it looks great with the color striping.

nosenabook said...

1 - Beyonce Who?

2 - thanks for the much better image of the Spice Girls now.

3 - if I still worked for the Catholic gift store, we would totally be selling this nativity!

gorgeous socks and happy cat

I've been saying hmmm about some comments heard at club meetings - in January I will make a motion to ban alcohol and see what happens. One of those ideas that seemed OK but in practice is not. good. at. all.