Sunday, October 07, 2007

I have so much to show (and tell) you!

The good thing about non-stop rain for over 3 weeks is when the heavens finally decide to shine a little light on this fluffy knitter's lowly existence, I have LOTS of FOs and other good stuff to share so get ready for a picture *fluffy* post, heh!

Since my birthday was 3 weeks ago it's about time I showed you two of my favorite knitting related pressies...

This was hand made for me by the talented and generous Sallee aka Nana Sadie Rose...

needle case front

needle case inside

Isn't this adorable? I LOVE the fabric! In fact, I told Sallee I wish I had jammie bottoms made out of it too cause it's warm cozy flannel!

Now we all know FKD is of the ahem, hoarder persuasion so thinking my DPNs will fit in this beautiful case is laughable BUT my crochet hook collection will fit perfectly and it will be a very welcome improvement over their current residence of a ziploc sandwich bag!

If you want a needle holder of your own or one of Sallee's gorgeous original bags, go click on the link and pay her a visit!

Thanks Sallee, I love my new kitty needle holder!

The reason I don't own one of Sallee's amazing bags is I'm not much of a bag person! Shocking, I know...the one obsession I don't have, right? :)

When I started back to knitting 5 years ago I was desperate to find other knitters so I found a clear vinyl knitting bag, thinking if people could see my knitting while I was out and about, they might ask me about it. And they did!

But despite all the amazing knitting bags out there, I've stuck with my clear vinyl...until now....

Look what I got for my birthday!!

Isn't this a hoot?

It's made by a company called Angry Little Girls and it was a gift from my good bud Laura!
It's such a fun bag in my favorite color! I especially love all the little pockets and compartments for every notion you can think of! I don't think I'll be wearing it to church but it is certainly a conversation piece! Thanks Auntie La!

Now for some knitting...I finally finished the albatross Esprit Tank!!

This project has been on my needles longer than any other since I learned to knit!! Miles and miles of sportweight garter stitch, I thought I'd never get thru it! In fact I came *this close* to abandoning it quite a few times but I'm glad I didn't! Have a look at why...

pretty collar

border close up

the money shot!

folded border


Elann Esprit Tank (free pattern from

size #6 addi turbo 32" circular needle

size D crochet hook

10 skeins Elann Esprit cotton/elastic yarn, colorway Capri Blue

2 skeins Elann Sonata for trim, colorway Indigo Gold

Mods: The largest size this pattern was written for was 36". I upsized this to a 56". I continued the drop stitch pattern over the whole tank rather than over just the midriff as the pattern suggested. The crochet border as written was WAY too big and came out like a giant ruffle - not the look I was going for! - So I kinda redneck engineered (a phrase and action coined by Kris!) the crochet motifs and decreased half the stitches in between each motif to have the border lay flat. I also used a smaller crochet hook.

In the end, altho the knitting was quite a slog, I'm very happy with the final product. It's winging it's way to it's recipient as I write this and I think she'll love it too! At least I hope so!

It's an easy, easy knit with some very basic crochet added in and in a "regular" size it would be a fun and fast knit. I'm very glad I made it but I'm sticking to smaller projects for a while...

I took the tank outside to get a decent pic (it's hanging from my porch light in the "money shot" pic, heh) and Pumpkin was bereft that he couldn't join in the fun too!

what a sad, lonely face

But wait! there's more!

I finished my Vog On footies!


'Vog On socks by Aleta Fera for Knitty

2 skeins Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, colorway Blueberries and Grapes

Size US#1 (2.25) Knitpicks 32" circular needle, magic loop

Toe up using a Turkish Cast-On

Tubular bind-off

Mods: I made these more of a footie than the anklet the pattern suggests. I changed the eye of partridge heel to a yo short row heel and I eliminated the picot bind off as I didn't think FK Mom would appreciate it so much.

My love of Panda Cotton is well documented, especially this delicious colorway! These socks are so soft plus the pattern is super easy and so pretty. I think FK Mom will love them!

Now you'll note those socks are blue. Guess what color my new socks are? PINK, what else? Sheesh, maybe I do need to knit some brown socks to break this color rut I'm in! Here's the new socks on the block with some Knails thrown in for good measure...

Just a simple toe-up, magic loop, garter rib sock in some pretty Lorna's Laces, another birthday pressie, this time from Jessica. The juicy nails are OPI Brights Collection, Goldilocks Rocks! I went for extreme contrast vs. matching this time - isn't it pretty? :)

As your reward for reading ALL of this, you get a second P-Man pic - cause there's never enough P-Man, right?

The handsome boy makes everything he sits on look comfy, doesn't he?

Have a good week...I'll be back soon with my new WIP, weather/pic taking permitting!

OOPS!! One more thing...I added a new free pattern on my sidebar if you're interested. Just a simple wrister pattern written for koigu or any sock yarn, enjoy!


Nana Sadie said...

You sweetie! You deserve that lovely Oressa - okay you can store your crochet hooks in it! :)
Thanks for the compliments and the link, too!
I LOVE your tank - the edging is such a delight! and your blue socks to go with it, right? lol

It must be terribly hard to live in a place where black would be OUT of place, huh? Why ELSE would you concentrate on such wonderfully sunshine-y colors? (oh, right 3 weeks of rain...? hmmm...there goes my theory!)
And the Knails are DEE-VINE!
and head scritches to the P-Man!

Romi said...

I love the bags! Wonderful. :)

Opal said...

So many goodies to feast my eyes on! I love the needlecase and bag. You know I have a weakness for bags and that one looks perfect!

After all that hard work, your Esprit Tank came out beautifully. Wear it proudly! The Vog footies are so darling. And the yarn. I love that yarn.

Catherine said...

I NEED that bag, or at least the fabric to make one! That tank is so cute, and of course the P-man is devastatingly handsome!

Carole Knits said...

I love that bag and the needle case holder is terrific. Good job on the tank, the collar and bottom edging really make it pop.

Norma said...

My GOODNESS! You really DID have a lot of show and tell. Of course it goes without saying that I LOVE that bag. I'd like a smaller one that fits inside another bag so I could take it out for the shock value. Hee.

That tank top is GORGEOUS. I'm so glad you did not abandon it. The crochet edging is just WONDERFUL. Yay you!

Dorothy said...

You've been one busy girl! The projects are lovely - especially love the tank. It looks extremely wearable and comfortable.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

OMG, I love the bag! The needle case is pretty awesome too. The tank looks lovely too.

Wendee said...

All of your projects are super! The bag takes the cake - what a crack up!

CraftyGryphon said...

Love the bag & needlecase, and Yay! for the finished projects, they look great. (Love the Knailpolish, too.)

I'm all about lots of pictures of fun things to see...

La Cabeza Grande said...

Boy, did you get some fabulous presents! La's bag is so saucy and Sallee's needlecase is too cute :o)

You put in an awful lot of work of the Esprit tank and it really shows. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You've been busy! Love the projects and the pressies.

Kat said...

Oh my, where to start?
Love the bags!! The cat needle case is just awesome, and that green bag is just too much. I love it!!

The projects are awesome! Love the variegated yarn on the solid top.

Monika said...

Both your B-day presies are the cutes things ever! I'm quite envious, and admitting to it! ;o) Nice FIP's as well, you've been quite busy.

KnitYoga said...

The needle case and the bag are both wonderful and so unique! It was well worth slogging on with the Esprit. It's turned out to be lovely! Must have been very hard though with all that garter!!

Jes said...

Holy crap you've been busy!
I love the angry girls bag, that is awesome =)
Oh and that's a LOT of garter stitch. You should be commended for being able to finish that thing!

Anonymous said...

Phew! That was one heck of a post!
The bag is very cool - I don't know what I like more - the fabric or the pockets!
Well done on making it through the tank top. It looks like an almost nightmare-ish amount of garter stitch.
And I'm sure that your mum (mom!) will love the socks.

Anonymous said...

That needle case is SO cute, and SO you, with it's bright, happy colored cats!

I love the edging on that tanks. It really adds that "little something" that makes it unique.




WandaWoman said...

Whoo-hoo, lots of great things in this post. Love the tank, it is really quite nice. The color is beautiful and your friend should love it. And the footies are cute too. The knitting bag and needle case are quite cute.

Anonymous said...

What lovely things! I love the bags, needle case, Pumpkin, top, socks, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin.

alt.ayu said...

Haha the bag is REALLY a hoot! - I've been reading the comics on their page too~ hehe Love the needle case, and your socks~! P-man is as cute as ever~

Zarzuela said...

That needle case is *so* freekin' adorable! Just like your p-man. :)


Madge said...

Gah, I'm dying from the cuteness over here: Mr. Adorable on his throne of the moment (don't know if I said it, but I lurve the big pillow bed you bought for him - it's sooo worthy of His Highness), your Vogs with their perfect little stitches, your new needle/hook case...and those sparkly golden nails! Yippee!

Jenny said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting about the stink ray! :-) yes, i'm still a terrible lurker- i'll work on it. :-)

i love the bag you got for your birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am very behind on my blog reading. Sorry to have missed yoru special day. That La is a hoot...she is the one who turned me on to carrying the ALG totes in the store. They are so fun.

Going to Lauderdale soon to visit my MIL...any great new LYS we should visit?