Thursday, October 25, 2007

Breakout!....well sorta

When situations never change
Tomorrow looks unsure
Don't leave your destiny to chance
What are you waiting for
The time has come to make your break
~~ Swing Out Sister

I just loved this song when it came positive and powerful about seizing the day and breaking out of the ruts we all fall into, the too comfortable and familiar patterns we fall back on again and again.

Do you find yourself in a knitting rut? Do you need to breakout too?

Of course change is scary so sometimes we fall back on what we know best and pink is most often my fall back color when I knit. Yes, green is my favorite color but not everyone loves it as I do. Orange is my current heartthrob but even more so than green, orange isn't for everyone and often something of an acquired taste.

Pink seems to be universally pleasing...sweet and girly, hot and passionate.

Pink can even be a blends beautifully with browns, blacks, blues, greens, even orange!

Ok even I can see thru all this sugary prose so I'll just come clean....

I knit another pair of pink socks :)

Exhibit A:


Basic Garter Rib socks

Toe- up with a Turkish cast-on

My first toe-up mini flap and gusset, yo short row heel (woot!!)

2 skeins Lorna's Laces shepherd sock, Flamingo Stripe colorway (a lovely birthday gift from Jes, thanx hunny!)

Magic loop, size #1 (2.25mm) 32" circ

Tubular bind off (I LOVE this bind off for toe up socks, so stretchy and pretty and easy to do!)

I wasn't sure I would love the stripes of the colorway as I'm not much of a stripe girl but it's such a juicy, lively pink and it looks nice and tweedy in the garter rib. Knitting with the Lorna's Laces was pure pleasure too - so soft yet crisp, tidy stitch definition - just a perfect sock yarn.

Now for the breakout portion of our broadcast. I give you my new sock -

It's Cookie A's Twisted Flower pattern. It's brilliant and it's BROWN!!!

How's that for breaking out? This is the first time I've EVER knit with brown yarn...whoo hoo!!

I must say, if I had to lose my brown virginity, this is the yarn to do it with! It's Dream in Color Smooshy in the Chinatown Apple colorway and it's delicious! (get it? Apple, delicious? yuk yuk yuk) The depth of color of this yarn is a marvel! Brick, warm rusty brown, greenish brown - glorious! A knitter girl could get used to this brown thing.

Of course brown is so scarce around Casa de Fluffy, the P-Man doesn't quite know what to make of it...

I'll be back next week with an update on the Dolce Vita tank. Enjoy your weekend and breakout a little too, ok?


Diana said...

Wow, that Twisted Flower sock is going to be really beautiful! I love that brown. I have that pattern too and some Louet yarn for it but in green. I need to try that Dream in Color!
Your cat is the cutest!!!

Carol said...

Wow! Lovely pink socks and the brown ones will be knockouts! Somehow, P-Man is looking ripe for a LOLCat caption. And there is NO one like him there!

Anonymous said...

The pink socks are very pretty, but that brown sock is AWESOME. What a beautiful pattern!

That Cookie A can really design a sock!

Your brown sock matches very well with P-Man's coloring.

Agnes said...

It shows as more like burnt orange on my screen ... very pretty! The Twisted Flower socks are going to be really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I think you chose the perfect pattern to break out with! I can't wait to see the end result.

La Cabeza Grande said...

This post just leaves me with a smile on my face: from the delicious pink socks above to the Chinatown Apple below. Big plus? That picture of Pumpkin is perfectly cute!

I'm proud of your breakout to browns. There are so many possibilities.

becky c. said...

Poor kitty - he's all "Wha?" :) That brown sock is a stunner, I think I need some of that yarn!

Monika said...

LOL the P-man looks at the brown sock, like he suspects that it's a live, and will jump at him any second now. ;o)
Nice pink socks. Simply is often beautiful!

Carole Knits said...

The pink socks are beautiful but I do love me some brown!

Opal said...

The P-Man looks utterly stupefied by the appearance of a gorgeous brown sock in your repertoire! He is too adorable. :)

Terri said...

I fall back to the pink comfort zone myself. Also, I have the same Smooshy yarn in the same color lovely brown that you are knitting with now. I can't wait to see how they come out. When I ordered that yarn, I thought it would be more red than brown, but I really like the results you are getting. Happy knitting!

Beth said...

I often feel like I must be in a color rut but then I look at my Ravelry projects and they seem to say I'm pretty well-rounded. Go figure.

Jes said...

Glad you liked the sock yarn =)

I really like that brown sock pattern. Those are going to be awesome socks.

The p-man does look rather confuddled - cats are always so entertaining when they're confused ;)

WandaWoman said...

The Flamingo Stripe socks turned out really nicely. I like them. And the Dream in Color Twisted Flower sock is beautiful, omg, just love it.

I've sorta broken out of my color rut by buying and knitting purple. I love purple, but really hadn't bought much purple yarn and I love knitting with it.

Cookie said...

There is nothing wrong with a pink sock!

And yours are fab.

Anonymous said...

You know, until I saw your version in all it's beautiful brownness (embrace it baby, I do!)


I wasn't so very impressed with the Cookie A sock until I saw it on here. Guess it's going into my queue afterall!




Nana Sadie said...

No Kidding! When you "breakout" you go whole hog!
LOVE the Flamingo pink socks, and the brown ones are going to be lovely too!
It's okay, P-Man...Mommie hasn't changed THAT much...She still puts in a cheesecake photo of you, love!

Karen said...

The pink socks are pretty, but I have to say, the brown socks are awesome. That color is to die for! So deep and rich. Makes me want to hunt some down for myself! I think P-man is impressed.

Norma said...

Yay for brown (caramel-apple brown!) and those socks are going to be GORGEOUS! What a pattern!

Anonymous said...

I'm a green and orange lover, too.

I'm such a "stay in the rut" type person. May I just live vicariously through you?

Dorothy said...

Lovely yarn and lovely sock. I wonder how they got the name Apple for brown yarn? I have that pattern and it's definitely on my "someday" list.

Batty said...

It's pretty, it's brown, it's cat approved! Great color, it never would have occurred to me to use brown for this pattern.

Zarzuela said...

The pink socks are really pretty but I think the brown ones are just going to be totally stunning! Good choice for a break out.

P-man = Too CUTE!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love the pink socks ... but brown ... now that's interesting and yet it's a good choice. It'll be stunning!

Anonymous said...

Dream in Colors anything is just about perfection.

I actually like brown, I find it quite comforting, like a sheep. Undyed, natural, simple.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I personally love brown and that yarn combined with Cookie's pattern is beautiful! Even if it is neutral!

Madge said...

Pink AND brown together in one post - great combo. Your Lornas make me think of pink cotton candy for your feet. And your caramel apple Cookies...well, they are magnificent. Well done, breaking through the comfort zone and embracing a new color!

I continue to break out by knitting with aubergine. But the color I have to work on? Blue. I hardly ever knit with blue. Give me green or brown or orange or pink....

Linda said...

Dontcha love that Cookie A pattern?! The charts are wonderful - nothing left to the imagination. Enjoy.

savannahchik said...

nice socks. i like the stripes! and pumpkin's expression is priceless!