Thursday, December 07, 2006

In the interest of science?

It's been suggested I post this and then ping technorati (whatever that means!?!)to assess how fast we knit bloggers can spread the word and help a fellow grad student out.

Go ahead, you can do it too, it's painless!

Pumpkin thinks pinging something sounds like more fun than a catnip mousie!


Agnes said...

No idea what that is ... but I'm quite sure it would be pretty fast.

Nana Sadie said...

It's fast if we DO it! I have no idea whether I believe this really IS a scientific thing, or if it's a come-on, but I put it on my blog, too!

But P-Man, I think that catnip mouse is gonna be more exciting for you! You cutie, you!

Jes said...

I did for you!

Carol said...

That student sure asked the group of people though! We should do our pings in the name of the P-Man!

Anonymous said...

And he's sporting the glowing eyes of mischief, to boot!