Thursday, June 09, 2005

Between the raindrops...

Finished shawl pics!!
Here she is being blocked on my bed.

I had to be a bit creative :)

Here she is outside reclining on the railing on my front catwalk.

And a close up, Mr.DeMille!


Myrna Stahman's Catharina Shawl from Knitter's Best of Shawls and Scarves in Blue Heron Mercerized fingering weight cotton in the colorway Opal on #6 US (4mm) addi natura bamboo circular needles.

I really loved this project!! I **HEART** this Blue Heron Cotton and I plan to use it for many more shawls in the future! It's very shimmery and soft and knits like a dream...very easy on the hands for 100% cotton!

This was my first Faroese shawl and I love the shoulder shaping that really makes the shawl stay put! The pattern was impeccably written and really fun to do! I made the back panel 29 inches, as suggested for a "large" however the *wings* were a bit long, they were down past my hands! I guess *fluffy* and short don't go so well together, hehehe... So after I broke my back *dressing* her to perfection as specified (see above!) I.....decided to.....toss her in the washer and dryer!! I was scared (right, Ada?) but I figured I couldn't wear her as she was and worst case, I would gift her to someone else. BUT....SHE IS NOW PERFECT!! ::: another Debi Happy Dance ::: I really enjoyed this process (hi Margene!) and the product is now perfect too.....ALL HAIL THE Summer Of Lace!!(Thanks Wendy!)

Pumpkin just takes it all in stride, see?

Now please come back tomorrow for some stash enhancment and a reminder!!


Ada said...

Your shawl is absolutely fabulous!! I'm glad that the drying job turn out ok.

Bridget said...

It's beautiful! I ove the pattern and the yarn.

Anonymous said...

As expected, your shawl came out beautifully. You are truly one talented knitter.

May I follow in your footsteps,

La said...

First, that shawl is gorgeous! And yeah, I can commiserate with having to be creative to find a space big enough to block these babies. I finally erected a "blocking table" in the garage, and when I'm really lucky, it's free of clutter and tools and all sorts of stupid man stuff about once every 8 months, so my window of opportunity is pretty small. I too have joined the Summer of Lace, and have stuck my foot in it once already.

Sorry I've been remiss with my visits, the only excuse I have is stupid bloglines not updating your feed...I think I'll try newsgator or something else.

Glad to see P-man kicking back. Some day I'm gonna wanna meet you both I think.

La said...

Uh, how far are you from Coco Beach?

Knittykim said...

Be-u-temous. I envy your knitting patience and ability to finish projects immediately.

Rebekah said...

Gorgeous, fantabulous, awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, wondermous, well you know there just aren't enough great words to describe your shawl.

Pumpkin you look very relaxed.

Sassy Gina-D said...

Your shawl is beautiful!! But Pumkin cracks my shit up!!! I first saw that picture 10 minutes ago and I'm still cracking up!!!!

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