Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah, me again but this is REALLY important!

Every year, Claudia of Claudia's Blog participates in a Ride to Raise $$ for MS

I always make a $$ donation and I usually donate a prize as well (every $10 donated gets an entry into a raffle for some AMAZING prizes)

Well last year, I donated a pair of hand knit socks....I said that I would knit a custom fit pair of socks for whomever won my prize. Well guess who won my prize? One Anne Hanson of Knitspot fame....talk about intimidation! But Anne was completely lovely and gracious AND had never had anyone knit her a pair of socks before !!

Then a few months ago a friend over at SKA, Ms Jenn/ (MePlz over on Ravelry) told me that she "thought lots of people would be willing to buy a raffle ticket to win socks handknit by FKD".... and I thought hey, instead of donating one pair of hand knit socks as a prize, maybe I could raise even more $$ for this VERY worthy cause by raffling off a pair of hand knit socks! So I made Jenn a promise when Claudia's MS ride rolled around again this year, I would raffle off a *Knit by FKD* sock...

So here's my **challenge** to you my sock knitting/blog reading friends....

For every $5 you donate to my PayPal account: JustABitMore8 AT aol DOT com between today June 23 and next Saturday, June 28, you will win a chance to have your very own, pair of custom knit FKD socks!

The pattern/design/color will be a surprise (I promise no orange Monkeys unless that's what you really want!) but I will use your specs and get to know what kind of socks would make you squeeeee and rock your sock wearin' world!

Every penny raised will go to support Claudia and her fight against MS (and this disease SUCKS cause among other things, it stops knitters from knitting!) so let's work together to wipe it out now and forever!

So if you think a pair of FKD socks are worth $5 (or more) put your $$ where it's needed and I'll do the rest! :)


floribunda said...

okay, I have to ask... is this ONE sock, or a pair of socks? n (one orange monkey might be enough...)

Christine said...

How can I resist? Orange Monkeys knitted by you? Yeah! That's what I want if I win!

claudia said...

Thanks Debi!

Batty said...

Wow, that's awesome! Such a great cause, and such a generous offer.