Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chips, Cast-ons, Completions and Cardigans

The astute among you will guess today's post is all about the letter C

First I give you CHIPS...COLOR CHIPS that is. Guess what we
are planning here at Chez Blog de Fluffy?

Yup, we're painting the cave as soon as we can decide on what color. So many choices! Plus it's truly amazing how different the colors look in different light - what looks green in daylight looks brown under fluorescents! But the P-Man and I are having fun thinking about the possibilities!

I finally tamed the fractious beast that is the Lindissama Lace Vest.

A while back FKMom asked me for a vest "with holes like a shawl but with buttons". So I searched for the perfect lace vest and found the Lindissima. I believe it's just what Mom is looking for!

I CAST ON and then I CAST ON and then I CAST ON some more. Finally after the fifth CAST ON success was mine! You see, it's knit all in one piece so casting on 200 odd stitches and working 6 - 8 rows was no bowl of cherries...I couldn't get the gauge/fabric I preferred to coincide with a wearable size without enough math to make my brain fall out but eventually the stars aligned and the moon was in the seventh house and all is well! Have a gander....

ooo pretty!

It's a fussy pattern in that the lace is on every row for the border so there is a ton of centered double decreases thru the back loops! Oh my aching wrists (x SIX, ack!) Thank goodness for addi lace needles!

I'm using Louet Sport in Teal, a colorway Mom has drooled over admired many times before and a yarn I love knitting with. I'm really loving how it looks, I even picked out stunning silver buttons for it already :)

Now y'all know about me and socks...besides always having a sock on the needles I'm pretty adventurous and varied in what I like to knit and have knit many different patterns, both my own and others' designs.

I've got well over 100 pairs of socks under my belt but this week's COMPLETION has helped me realize MY. FAVORITE. SOCKS. EVER.

I give you the CARDIGAN Socks...

Handsome, yes?

Will ya look at that gorgeous heel? (and ignore the long overdue mani!)

Striking in any pose!


Pattern: Cardigan Socks by Anne Hanson

Yarn: 2 skeins Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Harvest

Size US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Knitpicks Harmony Wood needles


I loved every single stitch of knitting these socks! The menage a trois of the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn (I ♥ ♥ ♥ LL shepherd sport!!) with those amazing needles made for a heavenly knit!

The sock is so cleverly designed, the charts are immaculate, the pattern is easy yet has lots of visual punch...can you tell I'm having separation anxiety?

If you want great sock, here it is my friends!

I leave you with this pic of my lil guy...

P-Man feigns disinterest but he's really jazzed about Mellow Meadow and Shady Grove :)

Have a great week!


Carole Knits said...

Are you painting the whole place one color? I see lots of possibilities there in those paint chips.
Love the sock. Anne is brilliant.

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Those socks are wonderful!

Agnes said...

Oh ... I so know the annoyance of having to cast on, cast on and cast on some more! But as you know, getting it right is the most important ... so it's worth the trouble.
The Cardigan socks are beautiful ... very good for man's socks.

Anonymous said...

Is there any Palladian Blue up there? I love that color.

I love your mom: A vest with holes like a shawl. So.Cute.

Unknown said...

I love the contrast between the P-man and the palette of color's you have on the wall! So smart to have the paint chips up there like that - I once painted my bedroom green, then realized that I got absolutely no natural light in that room and that the bedroom looked like a morgue. The paint was barely dry before I was repainting it orange. :)

The socks looks wonderful and classy, as always!

WandaWoman said...

Painting should be fun. It is hard selecting a color or a few colors. That's the part I hate. Hence, why I have yet to paint my condo, teehee.

Dame Wendy said...

Those look like scrumptious socks! That heel, the color, perfecto!

Painting is always so exciting. I love how it can change the entire mood of a room.

Monika said...

The yellow socks are beautiful. I haven't seen a A.Hanson design I didn't like. She's amazing. I don't envy you your painting "fun"! Been there done that. The best part is deciding on the color. :o)

KSee said...

love the teal color for the vest. Those socks rock! Good luck on the paint selection. Did the same thing 2 years ago--enough to drive you crazy

Anonymous said...

We desperately need to paint our house, I love your color choices though. I"m hoping to convince my hubby for th eneed of color, he finally gave in on the bathroom and really likes the color.

La Cabeza Grande said...

It may have been tough going, but I know your mom will appreciate the in"vest"ment you've made in crafting a garment that's just right for her!

Love the socks but I'll pass on the painting. Picking colors is hard and, for me, the actual painting is even harder.

ck said...

That Anne...all of her patterns are so beautiful.

I'm supposed to be painting my craft room in AZ while I've been here this time, but I have yet to choose a color. I like your method of placing the chips on teh wall.

I shipped out the green FPS to work on out here but I STILL haven't picked it up. Shame on me! I even bought the new needles I think I need for it.

Opal said...

I love that teal color. I just got some in fingering weight. The feel of Louet Gems is just so luxurious.

The Cardigan Socks came out beautifully!

Carol said...

Love those socks! For you? You and you mom both have great taste! My first thought for your first photo was "she's going into the post-it business!" ;-) Happy paint trails!

Beth said...

As long as the new wall color doesn't clash with the P-Man. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the socks.

Of course, your cast on woe has me singing:

When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide planets
And love will steer the stars

Lucky you that my response isn't in a sound file so you don't have to hear me belting out the chorus. heheheh

alt.ayu said...

hehe i couldn't agree more with Beth. we have a room in the apartment originally meant for my cat (also ginger-white) and it's painted a smooth yellow coupled with a soft cream~ :) Nice socks!

Nana Sadie said...

May I commisserate over long-overdue Manis? I'm getting them done tonight, but it's been a long wait!
LOVE those socks. They are too cool.
And we have the same opinion of needles I see. Gimme more Addi lace and KP Harmonys! They are the absolute favorites in my house, too!
Scritches to P-Man...

Carol said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and the P-Man!

Anonymous said...

Ah, your socks are gorgeous, and that golden yellow, lovely color!


Anonymous said...

Great socks!

Batty said...

Great socks!

And it's a smart idea to consult P-Man on the color choice issue. Cats have excellent taste, you know.

Terri said...

Looking at your paint chips, someone might get the idea that you are a green fan...

The socks are truly beautiful, and I like everything about them. They really photograph well too.

The vest for your mom looks like is going to be a stunner too, can't wait to see the finished results!

Happy knitting!

jessie said...

I just painted our spare bedroom this week! It went from glossy blue on the walls and glossy mint green on the ceiling (who lived here before us??) to White Leek on the walls (definitely in your palette I see) and white on the ceiling. By day, a beautiful soft celery.. By night, a garish minty-spring green of the institutional variety. Maybe I'll make guests use candles instead of electric light. (Still an improvement.)

Beautiful socks.

Lorette said...

Oooh, you could have a "pick a color" contest! Though one second thought, you might not want to leave the choice of your wall color to us!

The sock is gorgeous, and that teal color makes me drool.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That really is a handsome pair of socks! Love the color too, but the pattern looks really interesting.

Marguerite said...

Where have you gone?

Hope all is well with you and Pman and that you're just too busy turning walls into beautiful shades of green to bother posting pictures of your beautiful knits.