Sunday, July 29, 2007

Knowledge Is Power!

Read this and be sure to tell EVERYONE you love to read it as well! (remember men get breast cancer too!) Post it to your blog and spread the word because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

And since were making today all about the PSA this is something everyone should always remember:



C – Change in bowel or bladder habits

A – A sore that doesn’t heal

U – Unusual bleeding or discharge

T – Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere

I – Indigestion or difficulty swallowing

O – Obvious change in wart or mole

N – Nagging cough or hoarseness

You can't knit or enjoy handknits if you're not around!!


Batty said...

My husband and I just talked about this over dinner! It's really, really important.

Carole Knits said...

A good reminder for everyone, Debi. Thanks.

Guernseygal said...

Well said Debi - I posted about the very same thing - you can never be too careful.

Leslie said...

Well, you've just made my worry rachet up another notch. My husband's physicians (the same ones who treated him for cellulitis for 1 week before I took him to the ER where gout was diagnosed within 30 minutes)have assured him the black mole taking up an increasing amount of space on his back is of no consequence whatsoever. No, Debi, he won't see another physician either - says I'm hysteric about this.

I really think physicians should have automatic peer review by other physicians (not in their practice or practicing in the same hospitals) on a period basis for license renewal. These bozos would have a hard time continuing imho.

Carol said...

Got it, thanks! I have a particular hate for this one, it took my mom and tried to take my mil and both my sils. Men do get it too, mom's oncologist told me so.

Anonymous said...

Very good reminders! Thank you.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Terri said...

Thanks for the reminder. Cancer is nearly contagious in my family...