Saturday, September 16, 2006

It finally stopped raining but I've misplaced my knitting mojo!

It's been raining here almost constantly for the last three days....I'm not complaining mind you, rain is MUCH better than the dreaded "H" and I read somewhere that since those "H" things occur to dissipate the heat, the more rain you have, the less likely you are to have an "H" in your area. So of course I say, bring on the rain!! :)

The rain did let up for a bit just at twilight so I snapped this pic for my first

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Isn't it a beauty?

This is the view from the catwalk in front of my condo, looking south.

At least the evensong sky is beautiful cause my knitting is giving me fits....I'm finally happy with my Dad's felted clogs after many trips thru the wash, now if they would just dry.

I re-started the pair for my Mom because if you recall, the pillowcase zipper broke on the first attempt and that pair was TOO felted and now will fit my seven year old neighbor Brittany! I knit the first of the new pair, no problem....then knit the second...and when I went to compare them, one was MUCH bigger than the other!! The pattern has you use a second smaller circ to pick up the stitches for the "collar" and sole and of course you know the punchline....I picked up the size 11 addi instead of the size 13 and knit happily away....D'OH!!!! So rip, re-knit redux......REdiculous!

In addition, the "secret birthday" project is now one big ball of yarn! You know that knitting denial that grabs you when you love how a pattern is turning out and you don't want to listen to that inner voice that says, "you'll be sorry"? Well after FOUR pattern repeats (um, that's 74 rows on 220 stitches!!!) I had to listen to that voice because the "secret birthday" project was gonna be too small :(

I've already re-cast on (are you sensing a theme here? sheesh!) so the P-Man wants me to remind you that you still have 24 hours to leave your guess as to what I'm knitting in my comments to win the wonderful yarny GRAND FKD BIRTHDAY PRIZE!!

This picture came out dark but I love the placid look on Pumpkin's face and the cute way his little feet are tucked under him. He's leaning against his scratching post that we are painstakingly trying to learn to use!

And just for some Saturday yuks, I'll leave you with this lil guy I found while surfing.....

Monday is the big day so I'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday to announce the winner and show off some of the birthday spoils! Have a great weekend and good luck!!


Norah said...

Oh how frustrating....I've been having to do a lot of frogging lately too so I know how you feel. The P-Man looks so sweet in that picture--I love when cats tuck their paws in like that! The taco cat is hilarious!

Sandysknitting said...

Well, Happy Birthday to YOU! :) That sky is gorgeous! Just breathtaking!
Pumpkin certainly is a cutie pie!
Thanks for joining in the Saturday Sky!

Pearls Mother said...

have a wonderful birthday.
I'm sure that the P-man will get you breakfast in bed.
taco kitty is just silly, cute but silly.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Cumplea├▒os feliz, mi amiga!

Nana Sadie said...

I think you need
(Happy Birthday on Monday!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Debi! Sorry I missed all the contest fun!
Good luck with your secret birthday project, I'm sure you'll straighten it out. ;)
The sky picture is really pretty.

Dorothy said...

Some days you just spend more time ripping than knitting! Hey, we could use some of your rain. We've had one of the driest summers on record. But rain is predicted for today and we're ready!

Jes said...

HAHAHAHA! I love the taco cat!

That stinks about your projects. When it rains it pours!

Speaking of that...may it rain and rain in your area if that means the evil H will not come to visit!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the knittin' woes.

Your Saturday Sky is beautiful. Since it's raining here and raining there... guess I ain't missin' much?!?

Have a happy, happy day.

Anonymous said...

That there is some pretty Florida sky! Yet antoerh reason to move there.

Oh, and the cat in the taco? I know there's something innuendo about it, but it's too much Monday for me to be able to come up with it.


Chris said...

La sent me. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the kitty taco!


Carole Knits said...

Happy Birthday, my friend.

margene said...

You mean you found that cat while surfing in the ocean. Who knew!?

Seriously...Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Great picture and Happy Birthday!!!

Hunter said...

You're right, Debi. Put our two posts together and it's a feast. ;)


Rebecca said...

Taco cat?? Hmmmmmm, not isn't that interesting!

Hey Debi...I did go buy the felted clogs pattern and will give it a try. Will you be posting any pics?

Carol said...

I missed THE day! Please forgive...Iremeber that nice sunset after ALL THAT RAIN! Now I know why they did away with the little Taco Bell was the cat!

zoe said...

happy birthday TO YOU
happy birthday DEAR one



Beth said...

Happy Birthday Debi! Sorry this is a belated wish. You know how things are. Rubs to the P-Man.

And dude, taking to the scratching post would be the ideal birthday gift to your mama, you know (hint, hint!)