Friday, September 01, 2006

Cats of Knitbloglandia, UNITE!

Hey there, it's me, the P-Man....

My buddy Meezer over at Knit Nana tagged me for a meme. I'm supposed to tell you five weird things about me.....

Of course being as devastatingly handsome and cute as I am, there IS nothing weird about me...well ok maybe I do have a quirk or two (or five!)

Ok here goes....

1- Whenever I see my Mom, I chirrrp with happiness! I rarely meow but when I'm happy or excited I trill and chirp and whenever people come to visit I greet them with a welcome chirrrp....that's hardly weird right?

2- Every chance I get, I wedge myself between my Mom's ample butt and whatever chair she's sitting's so warm and cozy, it's the best place to sleep! And it makes me laugh because it freaks Mom out when she thinks she's squishing me with her big butt, haha!

3- My favorite food is sausage and artichoke pizza! I know I'm not supposed to eat it but whenever my Mom gets some I make my cutest begging face and she always gives me a bite! Ha, what a softie!!

4- I love trying new things...once when I was a tiny kitten my Mom made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on some whole wheat bread....she left it on the coffee table while she went to answer the door and I ate the whole thing! It was soooo good but she never gives me PB & J sandwiches anymore!

5- When people see me for the first time they all think I'm so cute because of my flat, round face and huge orange eyes but they can never guess my breed....that's because I'm an EXOTIC SHORTHAIR! I'm not just a stocky "regular" cat, in fact my vet says I'm on the petite side for my breed! I have all the characteristics of a Persian cat except I have a short, very dense thick coat that never mats! Kinda the best of both worlds if I do say so myself!

So there you have it, a little glimpse into the life of a stud muffin Exotic Pumpkin :)

I'm gonna use this opportunity to score some points with the hotties I see around my Mom's favorite blogs so I'm tagging Lucy, Sassy, and Miss LuLu Kitty....meeeeow ladies, I can't wait to hear all about you!!

PS - Mom told me to tell you that she got her POS computer back but she's getting weird "fatal error" messages again! You should have heard the words she was fur was standing on end!! And her other computer, the old laptop, died too! She told me she's working on fixing them both this weekend so she hopes to be back posting soon.....and she told me to tell everyone to enjoy their holiday weekend and save a hot dog and some knitting water for her!


Pumpkinmama said...

Oh how I love kitty chirps - thats not wierd at all. Hope the computer starts behaving

Norma said...

No, no, P-Man, you misunderstood the assignment! You were supposed to put WEIRD things about yourself! Hee! I hope your mom's computer woes get fixed. There is (almost) nothing worse. Well, maybe that H word.

Tell your mom to hang in there and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Jes said...

Oh how adoarable! As always =)

I hope the computers get fixed soon. We miss you!!!

Carole Knits said...

Loved learning these things about the P man!

Anonymous said...

P-man, eating sausage and artichoke pizza is not weird! I once lived with a kitty who loved cantelope! Anytime I had it, I'd get one bite, she'd get the next and on and on until it was gone :)

Anonymous said...

P-Man, I'm gonna tell my Mom to try that sausage and artichoke pizza, it sounds yummy! LOVED reading about your "weirdness," and I KNEW you were an Exotic! Mom has been talking about a Cat Show next weekend where she'll see more of your cousins (and mine too!). (She's been sewing like a demon...and ignoring Moi! harrummph!) She says to tell your Mom she hopes the computer gods smile on your house!

Susanne said...

Oh you cute little baby you. I am a pretty cute kitty myself but I guess I will have to send you a picture in order for you to appreciate "other" breeds of nice cats.
mmm, I have never tried pb and jelly but I guess I could try and convince my Mom to make me one. I know she likes it!
I sure hope your Mom gets her pc up and running soon as my Mom misses her blog entries and all her nice knitting.
Take name is Boots by the you come by often?

Anonymous said...

hehe. I read that last line as "save some kitty water for her". And I was like, ew...Sassy puts her litter-scratching paw in her water, why would I save that for a friend?

Denise/CT said...

P-Man, Frou Frou says "It's great to see your beautiful face again. After all a gal can only look in a mirror so often before ones human start to talk."
P-Man, I too am glad to see your darling face, Oh how I miss it when your Mom doesn't have a post with your picture. I wish you well in your computer woes Debbie, it is such a pain when we don't have the communication systems working right around us. Hopefully your getting some knitting done, I seemed to get more knitting done before I started reading blogs, but then I didn't have the inspirtation that I have now. Also hoping all the hurricanes and tropical storms stear clear of you this season.
Give that P-Man a snuggle for me. He is such a fine looking cat and let me know if you find any great Exotic breeders at the cat show. Frou Frou is getting up in years and I can not seem to locate her breeder here in CT any longer.

Lorette said...

OK, P-man, we'll give you cute and exotic, but p-butter and jelly? That is indeed weird. Now, Easy Cheese out of a can, there's a good treat.

Love, from
Willie and Lucy, who live with the knitting doctor (and who are just regular cats, nothing exotic here).

PS, hope your mom gets her computer fixed soon. We hate it when our mom says bad words.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Well, howdy there Debi! I've been thinking about you and Pumpkin, and am glad to see you both back online.

Nikita is neurotic and yodels more than chirps, but other than that orange and white cats are just the sweetiest things on four legs!

Here's wishing you all the best with that POS 'puter. Grrr.

Leslie said...

Dear P-man - please let your mom know I intend to go to the refrig this very minute to get a glass of knitting water in her honor. It's so nice to see your lovely face and know you and mom are keeping well. Please advise her to get a real computer from a reputable local business so she won't have to put up with mailing those POS computers away for service. It's not fair to you to keep you away from your adoring public longer than absolutely necessary :)

Happy long weekend and we (Perry the Bipolar and I) hope to see you again soon.

Alison said...

Pumpkin, we've missed hearing from you and your mom. Hope the computer woes don't last much longer. I enjoyed reading your meme.

Wendy said...

P-man, I'm gonna let Lucy answer your meme in tomorrow's blog entry!

Agnes said...

I think I'd like sausage and artichoke pizza too ... maybe we can share one some time ... what do you think? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey P-Man,
You don't sound weird to me at all. And those are some hot kitties - I need to check them out.
Your friend,

Hunter said...

Hugs and purrs to P-man. Aren't those chirps the best?

Darilyn (and Tigger)