Thursday, July 28, 2005

Give a little, Get a little

In the giving department, here are the other squares I'm sending off to Annie for her memorial afghan. I just love trying out new stitch patterns, especially lace! So what better cause than a memorial afghan of love? Knit a few and try out some stitch patterns of your own, you know you wanna!!

In the getting department, LOOK what I got from my secret pal!!

She's from Vermont so she sent me an adorable little log cabin shaped tin of *REAL* Vermont Maple Syrup...YUM!! She sent another cute post card and some pretty, pretty Kroy sock yarn which just happens to be one of my favorite sock yarns!! (of course I need more sock yarn like I need to run naked thru downtown Ft. Lauderdale, there's the scary visual of the day!)
And best of all, in the upper left of the pic is a hand made needle roll for my DPN's....she made it herself!! Isn't it lovely? And aren't I a lucky Secret Pal? Thank you so much SP, you are spoiling me and your sewing talent leaves me awestruck! I *love* everything!!

This is what I've been working on lately. Like so many others across blog land I've been bitten by the Kiri bug!!

I'm using Shine from Knitpicks and I just *love* it!! It's sooooo soft, easy to knit with and has great stitch definition! It's a sportweight cotton/modal blend and the modal gives the yarn a really pretty shimmer or shine I guess :)
It's the first yarn I've tried from Knitpick's new line and I'm very satisfied overall. It's a lovely yarn and you can't beat the price! I am enlarging the pattern a bit, I'm doing 16 repeats instead of the 12 suggested in the pattern and I plan to add pearl beads to the cast off edge. I'm anxious to finish cause the rows are sooooo long now and seem to take forever!! To be honest, Polly designed a great shawl (thanks Polly!!) but having knit both the shawls on which Kiri is based, Birch and Leaf Lace, I think I prefer casting on 300 stitches and decreasing (Birch) to casting on 3 stiches (Kiri and Leaf Lace) and having to increase to 300+ stitches! But I guess that's what makes the knitting world go round, variety!! I hope to post completed Kiri picks next week.

Now Pumpkin wants to know "what's for breakfast, Mom?" so we are out of here!

Have a great weekend full of smooth stitches and cool breezes!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute kitty picture!

Ada said...

You are such a lucky girl for having such a wonderful secretpal.
Kiri is looking beautiful!! And i just loveeeeeeee the P-Man.

Love Ada

Agnes said...

I just have to start Kiri! Do you think I can use a 4-ply cotton yarn for it? Yours is beautiful! Can't wait to see the FO!

Anonymous said...

Your Kiri is going to be awsome!
Love the fridge pic with the kitty. One time, I accidentally trapped the cat in the fridge. She climbed in when I was getting something out, didn't know it and closed the door. Luckily I could here her howling "let meowwwwwt!"

Anonymous said...

I think Pumpkin would like some of that Vermont Maple Syrup.

I know I have to get my square knitted up this week, don't want to miss out on that thoughtful gesture by Annie. Maybe I'll make that my first knitting priority tomorrow since today I don't have hardly any knitting time at all.

Thanks for reminding me. Great squares by the way.

Liz said...

And I thought my cats were the only ones who did that! Kiri's looking good. I am thinking about ordering some Lace yarn from knitpicks, maybe I'll try shine instead.

Sharlene said...

Your squares are beautiful! They will be such a wonderful addition to the blanket. :)

Anonymous said...

That cat makes me laugh!!

Knittykim said...

Train him right, and Pumpkin can make YOU breakfast.

anyway: what do you suggest for a "I want to try my hand at a shawl/stole" kinda gal?? You have done a few, so give me an idea of what to try first.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin want chicken????

Your kiri is beautiful. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Those squares are perfect. And lucky you, the sock yarn is yummy looking.

Anonymous said... your knitting skills are killing me...that piece is so lovely. And your secret pal rocks! What a cool gift.

Anonymous said...

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